Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder

What is beauty? Is it the perception of pleasure to all our senses or is it the aura that emits from something or someone through sheer happiness. What is it?

By Elena Kovalevich

Is the beauty in the flower or is it inside us that reflect.

The prose “Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder” is a paraphrase of a statement by Greece philosopher Plato and is expressed by an Irish novelist in the 19th century.

The connection of beauty to the eyes of the beholder is much deeper that what it looks. Each individual have different inclination of what is beautiful.

A mathematician found beauty in theories and problems. An artist found beauty in  exquisite artwork.

Neuroscientists at the New York University have found that a work of art activates the same part of human brain for every individual, but the intensity of activation depends on personal reflection.


Girl with a pearl earring – By Vermeer


Another study by the Neurobiologists at the University College London proved that whenever we find something beautiful, an area of brain just behind our eyes light up. This area is known for pleasure, value and judgment.

We find an art beautiful only when the activities and experiences stored in this part of the brain co-relates with the art we are viewing.

Studies have shown that also an area at the center of the brain gets activated, which is the area of creativity, beauty and love. It is also known to light up when we think about someone we are in love with.

Researchers at the University Of California, Irvine have shown that both in men and women same area of brain is activated when they appreciate beauty, but in women’s brain the  number of neurons are stimulated on both sides of the brain as compared to only right side of brain in men.



Scientists explained the reason for this difference is based on evolution of early humans.

In past hunting was traditionally done by men that require “coordinating” awareness  in space for getting exact position. That involves right side of the brain.

Whereas women in past are traditionally involved in search for fruit, roots or berries that require “categorical” awareness in space, which on the other hand requires left side of the brain to work.

As per scientists, these are the reasons why men tend to solve navigation tasks easily using orientation-based strategies, involving distance and direction concepts.

Women tend to be more aware than men of the objects around them, and base their activities on remembering the exact location of landmarks and directions.

By Tina Basu

Studies have also proved genetic connections between beauty and eyes, the observations on babies which are less than 6 months old have shown that they prefer to gaze at the same relatively attractive face, that adults judge to be attractive.

Studies have also shown that parents of small children find their child much better behaved when the babysitter is attractive then when they are not.

The essence of appreciating beauty relies on the experience already stored in our mind. Our thoughts create our experiences.

Beautiful thoughts are the key ingredient for both inner-beauty and for appreciating the outer beauty.

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