Victoria’s Great Forest National Park


Let’s make this National Park a reality!!

– Prevent the extinction of your state emblem: the Leadbeater’s Possum.
– Protect the largest flowering plant and tallest living being on earth: Mountain Ash
– Secure your water supply!
– Protect the greatest carbon storing forest on the planet!
– Create Jobs for local communities.

Tell your friends, tell your local MPs and go there for a picnic on the weekend.



4 Responses to “Victoria’s Great Forest National Park”

  1. Meagan Lane says:

    Short and to the point! Great message to be spreading for the future of our endemic species 🙂

  2. kpenrose says:

    Yes, this is definately needed for the species in this region. Hopefully it happens. Fingers crossed!

  3. Jean Dind says:

    Indeed, it just makes sense for the reasons stated above.
    But also, for the sheer beauty of these forests. Go and visit the Ada Tree and see for yourself.

  4. Karen says:

    I agree! I went to the talk last night about extinction of the Leadbeater’s possum, I was very inspired by Bob Brown! Some people are amazing in the work the do.