sugar consumption make you age faster….!!

In the recent past there has been a sharp increase on sugar consumption all over the world for people of all ages. However, researchers have shown proof that excessive sugar consumption causes health effects on the consumer. Nevertheless, the facts remains that people are not willing to reduce or completely stop the heavy sugar consumption habits. Probably, some people may have not clearly understood the dangerous effects of sugar consumption while others could only be ignoring the facts they already know.
Everything that human being consumes is about sugar. This may include natural sugar found in vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates. In addition to the natural sugar in human daily food, there is sugar which is added to processed food like bread, drinks, biscuits and cakes. High levels of sugar consumption in the human diet may result to wrinkles, dark marks, dehydration on the skin. A combination of all these effects creates a fast aging process on the human body. Thus, with these effects, it is possible to confirm that sugar sweetness takes away human beauty with time. Sugar is associated with a few defects in the human body.
Firstly, it is crucial to note that when the body senses sugar in the blood, the pancreas takes a counter action of producing insulin to reduce the sugar levels in the body. When there is excessive sugar level in the body, the pancreas tends to be overworked. As a result, the pancreas develops a condition known as insulin resistance. In this condition, the pancreas reduces its activities drastically. Hence, this condition should be addressed fast before it develops to diabetes.

The second effect of excessive sugar consumption is glycation. The fructose components entering the blood streams combine with the protein components available. The main skin building components found in the body are Elastin and Collagen. Excess sugar components in the blood stream may combine with Elastin and Collagen to produce dangerous compounds in the body. These products of sugar and proteins cause complications in the human organs and failure of blood streams . In addition, these products may cause skin wrinkles, dark spots on the skin and skin sagging. A combination of all these effects causes the aging effect on the human body .
Thirdly, high levels of glucose in the body suppress the human growth hormones. These hormones are responsible for body growth and replacement of worn out tissues in the body . Thus, high level of glucose in the human body suppresses the process of growth and tissue replacement in human beings. Hence, the best method of reducing human aging is naturally suppressing blood sugar levels.
Fourthly, high sugar levels in the blood reduce body immunity. The body uses white blood cells to protect the body against virus and bacteria. Researchers have shown that white blood cells need vitamin C in the process of fighting viruses and bacteria . Glucose has the same composition as vitamin C. excessive availability of glucose in the blood increases competition for entrance in the white blood cells. Thus, a lower percentage of vitamin C gets access to the white blood cells. On the other hand, glucose cannot act as vitamin C in the white blood cells. Thus, the white blood cells are unable to act effectively in the body. As a result, the human immune system is adversely affected.

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6 Responses to “sugar consumption make you age faster….!!”

  1. Jacqueline Franco says:

    Thank you for sharing Salmah! There are so many things from carbohydrates that we know but simply neglect. A balance in everything coming from our diet is needed everyday! Especially if we do not want to age prematurely! lol

  2. setiawan says:

    Oh no this is bad news for me 🙁 I shall start watching my sugar intake from now on. Thank you for sharing

  3. Kamilla Naves says:

    Really surprising all the aging effects related to high sugar consumption. One fact that caught my attention was that exaggerated sugar consumption supresses human growth hormones. How this may affect obese children’s growth? Is there right to assume that these children do not grow everything they can?

  4. Jeane Angelina says:

    Wow this is interesting. Unfortunately, I really love sugar, especially when you are studying. that glucose booster is in need. But glad you put this up so I can be aware with my sugar consumption!

  5. cneilson says:

    I was discussing this with a friends the other day, nice to read a scientific angle on the topic!

  6. ccroft says:

    Very informative, i shall think twice about taking that second chocolate biscuit!!!

    But what about any ways they recommend to regulate your sugar intake to reduce these negative effects? as sugar is something we need in every meal and not something we can easily reduce in our diets without causing other negative impacts!