Green tea, any good about it?


Early in the morning, instead of drinking coffee with my breakfast, I prefer green tea. This might be due to lower calorie intake from green tea compare to coffee, as well as lower fat in green tea. Fruit juice may be a good alternative for breakfast, but due to high sugar content, especially for fruit juice buying from the marts, I would skip this in every single meal. Nowadays, there are many products that have been manufactured from green tea extracts, from ice-cream and cake to even green tea latte is available in the market. However, these products may include other ingredients which may decrease the effects of green tea. Everyone knows that drinking green tea has its beneficials, but little of them know about it. Here, I have stated about 3 main benefits of drinking green tea, more information can be found online.


1. Cancer

Research on green tea has shown that it will reduce the risk of getting cancer, especially oesophageal cancer due to the high level of antioxidants found in green tea. “Antioxidants called catechin, extracted from green tea, can kill 50 per cent of the cells from neuroblastoma cancers within three days in laboratory studies.” Research studies shown by Dr Orazio Vittorio, researcher from NSW. With longer consumption histories of green tea will lower the risk of cancer statistically, as conducted by Shanghai Women’s Health Study.

2. Heart Disease

Green tea may have effect in reducing heart disease, such that may decrease by 26% the risk of death from heart attack or stroke and a 16% lower risk of death from all causes than people who drank less than one cup of green tea a day, as well as decrease the risk of coronary artery disease by 28%.This is due to the cholesterol level has been lowered and thus prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol on the blood vessels. Interestingly, black tea has no effect on heart risk. However, the bottom line is, drinking more than five cups of green tea per day will have more risks than benefits. So, drink wisely.

3. Obesity

Grean tea may have effect in helping overweight people to lose weight and to maintain weight loss. Queensland University and Pennsylvania State University have shown that certain blend of green tea may lower blood pressure and make it easier for the body to process sugar and thus, fight against obesity. Considerable amounts of carotenoids, vitamin C, and trace elements (including chromium, manganese, selenium and zinc) that makes green tea beneficial to us.



There are fews step to follow in drinking green tea without any side effects:

1. Drink green tea when it’s freshly made but slightly cooled.

2. Brew the same tea leaves in moderation to remove any cancerous substances in the leaves, which are often pesticides.

3. Avoid tea that is excessively concentrated as it may contain huge amounts of caffeine and polyphenols, which may cause tremors, heart palpitation and indigestion.

4. Make sure that tea does not conflict with any medications or supplements as these may interacts with green tea.

5. Do not “over-drink” green tea, 3 to 4 cups are much recommended.

6. Drink green tea an hour before or after meal as certain compounds in tea may inhibit calcium and non-heme iron absorption.

So, drink wisely, don’t drink too much of green tea. Replace your drinks that are sweet, such as fruit juice in the supermarket, with green tea daily and fresh fruits, together with vegetables, will make you a healthy lifestyle. Don’t wait, do it now.




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16 Responses to “Green tea, any good about it?”

  1. syerl says:

    It’s glad to know that you love green tea. And thanks for you time in viewing and comment on my post.

  2. whlau says:

    Good Post ! I love green tea. It is great to know that green tea have so many health benefits!

  3. Meagan Lane says:

    My favorite tea 🙂
    Good to see I am actually doing myself some good! I just enjoy it for the taste, but now I can enjoy it as well for all these health benefits.
    Thanks for a really good post.

  4. Benjamin Taylor says:

    Thanks syerl. Thanks for the post also. I got some new infos from your blog and was able to share some with you also.

  5. syerl says:


    Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, I’m green tea lover too and did the same thing as you did after each meal. But, after I read some articles, I stop doing it. It’s not good to drink green tea straight away after each meal.

  6. syerl says:


    That’s a really good information. Thank you again. And yeah, green tea has much beneficial effects on our health but little of people know about this. I think the information that you give is totally a new thing to me. Really good one.

  7. Benjamin Taylor says:

    That was a new info for me also earlier. Green tea masks are considered as powerful anti aging treatment.
    Its weight loss properties are known to all. But that doesn’t mean that drinking herbal weight loss tea alone can reduce your weight. It will help you in boosting your metabolism. But you need to follow a good diet and an exercise routine to get results.

  8. setiawan says:

    I’m a green tea lover as well but at times I drink it right after a heavy meal as I find the tea helps soothe my tummy. But knowing that it might interfere with calcium absorption is helpful. Thanks for sharing

  9. syerl says:

    @ Benjamin,

    Thanks for your great comment. I don’t even know that tea can have function in reducing and preventing acne lesion. That’s seems to be interesting.

  10. Benjamin Taylor says:

    Studies have also shown that it can reduce and prevent acne lesions. I used to have 2 cups of original wu yi tea daily.

  11. syerl says:

    @Zhejun Sun.

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, you should cut down your drink with green tea. What I think is that over 3 cups per day are considered too much drinking.

  12. Zhejun Sun says:

    Oh! I drink green tea over 5 cups a day! And it’s not good! Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll drink in a healthy way 🙂

  13. syerl says:


    Thanks for your time in writing this comment. Drinking tea is just enjoyable and yes, it may help in controlling weight. But, remember to drink wisely, not “over-drink” it.

  14. syerl says:


    Thanks for the comment. Yes, that’s really good that you like tea. Any tea will have their own effects on our health. Black and green may have almost the same effects, however, black tea has more caffeine than green tea. The general consensus among medical professionals is that too much caffeine is not a good thing. So, I would much recommend on green.

  15. Serene says:

    Great post! I will be more wisely when come to drinking green tea because i always thought that if i drink more green tea, i can get rid as many of my fats in my body as possible. Anyways, thanks for sharing this useful information. Good job! 🙂

  16. ccroft says:

    I do love a cup of tea or 5, but currently on black tea. your giving a persuasive argument for me to change over to the green side!! Thanks for sharing Syer lim