Before flushing check your poo, it can tell you something!

Before flushing check your poo, it can tell you something!

This topic might initially make you feel a bit uncomfortable, but trust me, once you finish reading this article, you will realise it is not that bad and you will also get some ideas that you can use to check the condition of your health simply by watching your poo!

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Simple facts about poo

                After you chew your food, the chewed food is conveyed through your gastrointestinal tract and it passes through your stomach and small intestine where the bulk of digestion occurs, and where most of the nutrients are absorbed. The remaining undigested food material will then be mixed with enzymes and bile, and at this stage it may change in colour, from greenish or yellowish (or sometimes it could even be orange) to a brownish colour. After that, the undigested material will be passed into the large intestine where it will be stored, waiting to be defecated later on.

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Something important starts here!

                Okay, now you will need to go to the toilet and get rid of that undigested material, otherwise known as poo. Once we are done in the toilet, I realise that many people would flush the toilet straightaway and not really care what their poo looks like (of course, it is nothing fascinating at all, why would we care!). But hang on a second, I would like to tell you that you should take a moment to look at your poo, it is worthwhile to observe, trust me!

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The colour of your poo is very meaningful!

                Did you know that the colour of your poo can be an indicator of the condition of your health?

–          Brownish poo: congratulations! You should be fine, nothing to worry about

–          Yellowish poo: a spectrum of possibilities here

  • You probably ate too much fat, or there may be something wrong with the fat absorption process in your intestine
  • You may have liver dysfunction
  • A bacterial infection in your intestine is also a possibility

–          Pale or white poo: you could have some problems with your liver, or this could indicate that there is something wrong within your bile duct, possibly a tumour that is blocking the bile duct obstructing the way out for the bile.

–          Black poo: it is possible that you may have a stomach ulcer or bleeding ulcers in your upper digestive tract

–          Reddish poo, or with traces of blood: this would indicate the possibility of bleeding ulcers in your lower digestive tract.

In fact, colours of the poo was just one of the indicators to tell you about your health, likewise, the other physical properties of your poo like; softness and hardness would also be able to tell something too.

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How accurate are these indicators?

                The above information may scare you a bit, but don’t worry too much, these are just possible conditions. However, if you start seeing something in your poo that is considered not normal you should not ignore it, and you should consult your GP as soon as possible. So, have fun watching your poo and good luck!


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  1. ksombatthave says:

    Thanks heaps everyone, I’m glad it is informative and you guys like it.
    @ Faustina: I don’t dare touching it too haha

  2. whlau says:

    Very interesting post. Thanks for telling me what different colour of poo mean..:P

  3. Deepika says:

    Nice take on this topic and great facts about the poo 😀

  4. Jeane Angelina says:

    Wow this is really interesting 😀 Honestly, sometimes I checked on my poo (psst) to see what it looks like LOL but I guess I am fine and in a healthy condition :):) Thanks for sharing

  5. nrav says:

    Haha quite interesting…I shall be more observant from now on haha

  6. Eileen says:

    This reminded me of the TV show ‘Scrubs’ Poo Song, haha

    Very interesting post

  7. setiawan says:

    I’ve read somewhere as well that the texture of your poo matters (although I don’t quite get how would you know the texture without touching it.. euww). Anyway great post.