The secret to happiness is here!!!

Happiness makes us feel good. It is a pleasant emotion that lightens up our life. We feel happy for so many things we come across in life. However, true and long-term happiness is felt with the people around us and our relationship with them.


The key to happiness lies in our inner feelings and qualities such as, love, hope, gratitude, enthusiasm, interest, amusement, awe, inspiration, etc. These positive emotions will instil a positive attitude in us thereby making us a better social being.


Of all the shades of happiness, one of the factors that contribute greatly in making us happy is the ‘gratitude’. Being grateful to others not only lifts our mood but also strengthens our connections with people. This results in contentment and satisfaction which are the attributes of happiness.


A study in USA proved by conducting a simple experiment that gratitude is one of the major reasons behind the science of happiness. This study was tested and creatively presented in the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHv6vTKD6lg

The experiment:

A group of volunteers were selected and were assessed for their state of happiness by a simple questionnaire.

Researchers then asked the participants to choose a person who had greatly influenced their lives and who is the most important to them. They were then made to write down about the reasons for why the person is so important and close to their hearts.

The next task was to personally call that person and express their thoughts by reading out the letter. Conveying one’s feelings to the person they love takes a lot of courage. Hence few of volunteers weren’t able to call even though they wrote the letter.

Finally, the participants were assessed again for the level of happiness after completing their tasks, by another questionnaire.


The results, after analysis, showed that participants who wrote the letter but did not make a call experienced an increase in the level of happiness by 2-4%. For the participants who wrote the letter, made the call and expressed their gratitude in person, the level of happiness increased by 4-19%. The surprising fact was that the person who was the least happy initially was the happiest person after the experiment.


A simple recipe for happiness:

We live in a fast-moving world that constantly brings with it, stress, anxiety and pressure. Hence it is important to manage stress in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. So, try this out technique to bring out the happiness and to overcome the issues, problems and worries. By doing this, we also share our happiness with others.

Step 1 – Think of a special person who made a positive impact in your life

Step 2 – Write a letter to that person expressing your gratitude and describing their importance in your life

Step 3 – Call them or meet them and let them know what you are feeling

Step 4 – Experience happiness instantly by revealing your emotions



A happy face (Source: Wikimedia Commons)





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  1. rashikap says:

    Thanks Tranv.. that’s a great way to start exam preparations!!! good luck to u!!!

  2. rashikap says:

    Thanks for reading.. Jeane, Deepika and Sari!!!

  3. rashikap says:

    Thanks Katie… yeah it is not easy to measure happiness..for the questionnaire used in the study, here is the link of the complete study that has been carried out. http://www.ppc.sas.upenn.edu/articleseligman.pdf

  4. tranv says:

    Very nice post, Rashika 🙂 Interesting how the study was carried out.
    I will definitely need to write a few letters of gratitude before exam week as I will be feeling very stressed.

  5. setiawan says:

    Great post rashika. Never knew this kind of research is being done. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. rashikap says:

    Thanks for reading…..Eileen and Navin!!!!

  7. Deepika says:

    Hey really nice post!Never heard of this study and the video is presented really well. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Jeane Angelina says:

    Thanks Rashika for sharing! I actually smiled reading your post too 🙂

  9. katied says:

    I loved your post! That youtube link interesting – I couldn’t help but smile when you see the participants call their loved ones in the video. (I also watched several videos on their channel – so thanks for the link!). In respect to the science, do you know what the happiness questionnaire involves? It would be pretty hard to measure happiness, wouldn’t it?

  10. nrav says:

    Nice post rashika. It’s always helpful when posts about happiness make you feel happy 🙂

  11. Eileen says:

    Interesting post! That large smiley face actually made me smile 🙂