The Golden rule to facial attractiveness

My Face :)
My face under the analysis of facial beauty analysis on anaface :

To be honest it’s not the best the picture of me… should’ve been taken on my left side. The left side is always better. Or so I am told. Well, actually some people say they look better on their right side. In saying that, I’ll take 7.97/10 any day.

Jokes aside, how is this conclusion reached? What determines facial attractiveness? How is that face really a 7.97/10? I feel like its giving me a false sense of hope to be honest :p.

According to science, it is symmetry. This is believed to be true for all animals. We’re all just suckers for symmetry.
Why is that? Well apparently good symmetry shows us that an individual has good genes and is a good choice for mating.

This comes back to what is called the golden ratio. In Ancient Greece, Pythagoras was able to point out that the shapes that people found pleasing were all related by this golden ratio. This ratio is 1:1.618. So the line is B is 1.618 times longer than line A etc.

This Golden ratio was not really touched on until Dr. Stephen Marquardt, a maxilla-facial surgeon in Southern California, discovered this golden ratio once again. He conducted an experiment by collecting photos beautiful people from all over the world. He found that on most of these faces, their mouths were 1.618 times wider than the width of their noses. What he found, is that the majority of these faces were full of these golden ratios.

With this Maquardt constructed a golden mask. A template for what would be the most mathematically beautiful face. There is a mask for males and females not based on any race, age or nationality.


                                                            Female                                                    Male

 So how much can we rely on this golden mask to explain the concept of a beautiful face?

Well, apparently Angelina Jolie’s face does not fit into this golden mask, so I’m just going to leave it at that…..


12 Responses to “The Golden rule to facial attractiveness”

  1. nrav says:

    Haha thank you very much Kasidis 🙂

  2. ksombatthave says:

    Very interesting post Navin haha! And your score is not bad at all 🙂

  3. nrav says:

    yeah very true. physical beauty is usually the first thing that people see which is why it can be seen as ‘important’ to many people. but like you said in terms of a relationship, physical beauty cannot withhold a relationship alone.

  4. sathanad says:

    Thanks for the interesting read. It made me smile. I’m always left pondering on this topic. I feel as though ‘attractiveness’ is such a subjective thing; since perception varies in every single person. At the same time, it irks me when society collectively puts so much pressure on individuals to fit into stereotypes of perfection. I mean, we really can’t control what we look like. We were born the way we were. Physical beauty has an expiration date. True beauty is inner beauty – this is what matters most. A person with a beautiful soul,surpasses every amount of physical beauty. I my opinion:)Cheers.

  5. nrav says:

    Hmmm interesting. I guess we can usually only see ourselves is in the mirror, maybe that’s why we prefer our reflections. whereas our partners would normally see a flipped image, which may be why they prefer that image. I wonder what the stats would be if the people choosing the photos weren’t our partners

  6. Charlotte says:

    Very interesting. I saw a documentary recently on something similar, and they conducted a really fascinating experiment involving couples choosing the ‘more attractive’ photo of their partner. Interestingly, the partners chose the photo that resembled how the subject in question would normally appear to them, while the subject chose the photo that resembled what they saw when they looked at themselves in a mirror, suggesting that what we think is the most attractive version of ourselves is completely flipped from another person’s perspective.

  7. nrav says:

    yeah, I mean they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think culture and background also have a bit to do with it

  8. rashikap says:

    Interesting post!!! I think it is our mind that decides if a face is attractive or not…. Thanks for sharing…..

  9. nrav says:

    haha thanks jeane, i’m sure you’ll do fine 🙂

  10. nrav says:

    haha nice, yes a procrastination break indeed

  11. Jono says:

    Hahaha. Don’t worry mate, I only got a 7.44. Thanks for the procrastination break.

  12. Jeane Angelina says:

    Very interesting post. I wonder what my score will be 🙂