The C Word

A lecturer asked my class a question once, ‘what is the female homologue to the male penis?’ Some of the class had a giggle, others sat there awkwardly and the rest were struggling to maintain maturity while really uncomfortable with where this conversation was going to go.

This is a class full of people completely fine with discussing the penis, yet only one girl (after a couple of minutes and an impatient lecturer) was able to say the word ‘clitoris.’

The Clitoris Game, played the same as The Penis Game – Author’s own image.

Why is this word such a social taboo?

The clitoris is an understudied anatomical structure, as a result is not detailed in most anatomy and physiology textbooks. The anatomy was not known until Dr Helen O’Connell used MRI to image the structure live in the 1990s. The clitoris was not understood completely until 2009. The most intimate lady part had a reputation of sinful and seductive and highlights sexism through history.

The original concept of the clitoris is literal to its meaning, ‘a little hill.’ This is only the tip of the iceberg. It is true the external part is only a little bump, however the entire structure itself is much larger.

What was once known, is just the tip of the ice berg – Author’s own image.

The clitoris is composed of the bulbs, crura and body, and partially surrounds the vagina. Yes, this means that the clitoris is under the walls of the vagina. The clitoris is full of thousands of nerve endings and has the ability to become erect with blood, just like the penis.

The Anatomy of the Clitoris – Wikimedia Commons

Helen’s study opened up the world of other research into the clitoris, disproving many previously assumed ideas.

1. The vaginal orgasm does not exist

All that talk about only real women being able to achieve orgasms from vaginal intercourse is not true. There is no anatomical structure in the vagina that allows this to occur.

2. The stride of a woman does not change if she has had a vaginal orgasm

A study done by scientists analysed the pelvic and vertebral rotation as well as the length of stride of women who have, and who have not, experienced a ‘vaginal orgasm’. Since the vaginal orgasm has been disproven, this study is deemed irrelevant.

3. The G-spot does not exist as a literal spot

People have tried to find the G-spot, people think they found the gene coding for the G-spot. But it just does not exist. Rather, it is the result of the indirect stimulation of the clitoris.

The clitoris is just another, very valuable, part of the human body.

I challenge you to go out today and talk to someone about it.

6 Responses to “The C Word”

  1. farns says:

    Love this. A really important message for a gravely untalked about subject.

  2. dsimkus says:

    haha thanks Meagan! I think we don’t talk about it much because we really don’t know much about it.

    Exactly Kamilla, it’s actually incredibly similar to the penis. There are diagrams out there that show it in comparison – we all think that males and females are different because of their genitalia so it’s a bit scary when you find out that’s not even that different!

    These myths do provide much economic benefit to society though in terms of medication and adult entertainment.

  3. Kamilla Naves says:

    One thing that caught my attention in your post was the anatomy of the clitoris. It is very similar to the image of a penis! Even the name “corpus cavernosum” is a reminder of their similarity. Very interesting to know that there are still a lot of myths around sex even with all the information available nowadays. The G-spot does not exist and even so we can find heaps of people talking about how to find it!

  4. Meagan Lane says:

    I had a different c word in mind when I saw this title! Very catchy title good work. Also very interests post. I completely agree the clitoris is a mysterious thing that women don’t even want to talk about with their girlfriends yet alone a partner! Completely agree with Lucy! Don’t be ashamed about it because at the end of the day you will be missing out!

  5. dsimkus says:

    Thanks for the comment Lucy! I’m glad I got you thinking about that. It’s surprising how little even women know about their own clitoris. We definitely know more about the penis. Which is quite sad. #strongindependentwomen

  6. Lucy says:

    The length of our stride changes???? Well, that’s a new one.
    But I think it’s women who need to become comfortable with their own clitoris’s. Men will happily talk to you about their penis and it’s a more used symbol. There were penis’s on the sides of lots of buildings in Bhutan, and phallus symbols everywhere in India. This is a common theme around the world: the penis being revered and the clitoris not.
    So we need to start telling our partners what they need to do to make us orgasm, because most of my girl friends just don’t! It seems to be that they are too embarrassed to say anything. I just tell them that guys are easy, it doesn’t take much for them to become aroused or orgasm, we take more work and that’s not a bad thing! Otherwise you’ll not only be lying to your partner, letting him think he’s a stud when he’s really just got no idea (and trust me guys, we’re great at faking), and then end up with a whole relationship of boring sex. And how tedious is that.