Love your heart ,Skipping rope is the heart workout!



Have you ever thought about exercising your heart? It is the most important muscle in the body that is responsible for your general health.
Unfortunately, when I talk to someone about skipping rope as an exercise, the usual response is that this workout does not fit adults and is more suitable for kids. This observation is merely associated with an image of kids, who love playing skipping rope. Nevertheless, the fact is that skipping rope is all the exercise that adults need to achieve great fitness and health, especially for the heart. John Fletcher, USAJR’s operations manager, says that jumping rope is far more than just a recreation; it supports a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages. According to Marina Aagaard, author of The Complete Guide To Jump Rope Fitness skipping rope offers more fun, increased fitness, more flow, maximum benefit, minimal time . . . optimal success!

Here are five health benefits to skipping rope.

1- Weight Loss
Jumping rope for 30 minutes will burn 300 calories and jumping rope every day for a week for 30 minutes can burn 2100 calories.
2- Increased Cardiovascular Fitness
Performance of your heart’s arteries and veins will improve dramatically; you will recognise this improvement daily, becoming less and less out of breath while enjoying longer exercise times.
3 -Muscle Tone
Strength in your legs and lower body muscles will significantly improve during the first days of exercise. Initially, you will probably feel some pain in these muscles because they have been working so hard. Micro-tears (lactic acid) in the muscles cause the pain, but will heal within a few days. Amazingly, this damage and repair process actually strengthens and tones muscles.
Recent studies have confirmed that skipping rope also has a strengthening effect on the shoulders. The study took place during performance testing of volleyball players.
4- Prevents Osteoporosis
Jumping rope boosts bone density and helps in strengthening and protecting your bones against osteoporosis.
5- Increases Focus
According to www.naturalawakeningsmag, jumping rope may also help prepare the brain for learning by raising the heart rate, which in turn pumps more blood to the brain, feeding it needed nutrients and oxygen, enabling heightened alertness and mental focus.
Advice for those who have never practiced skipping rope:
According to, in order to start the workout you have to go though it gradually by doing a few things:
• Jump on the balls of your feet (practice a few times without the rope).
• Do not jump high. Practice trying to jump only about an inch.
• Use a rope length (described below) that fits you.
• Position your hands slightly above your waist and about 12 inches aside from your body.
• Use your wrists to twirl the rope. Do not swing your arms and shoulders very much.
• Get into a rhythm (hum a tune or count with a good beat).
• Practice, practice and more practice! Beginners should first practice without the rope and then with the rope but swinging it with both handles in one hand and not jumping through the rope. This helps the beginner develop some basic coordination and confidence in handling the rope.
To choose the right length of the rope, measure your jump rope by standing on the middle of the rope. Bring both ends up until the ends reach your armpits — then that is the correct length for you.
Warning: Consult your doctor or health professional before undertaking this type of exercise.
There is a heavy effect on the heart, lungs and muscles.



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5 Responses to “Love your heart ,Skipping rope is the heart workout!”

  1. bgambhir says:

    Informative Post. I usually go for Biceps & Triceps. Thanks for reminding me that I also need a Heart workout.

  2. rfaulk says:

    Think I’m gonna go out and get a rope now. Thanks!

  3. suyar says:

    I love skipping rope!! It definitely is such a good work out!

  4. Meagan Lane says:

    I have been including skipping into my exercise regime for the past few months! First time I skipped I could barely walk the next day. But it eventually got easier and easier. I find it too difficult to skip continuously for 30 minutes (unfortunately it can be really hard on your joints) so I tend to do it in a cycle. So like 1 minutes skipping on and 30 seconds off. Or try to incorporate it into more of an interval workout so skipping really hard for 2 minutes then 1 minute easy and repeat.
    I am not sure how I used to skip for so long as a kid!

  5. Luke Picone says:

    My primary school went nuts about skipping when I was about 8. It’s not easy to see why we were all so fit back then. I’ll be sure to include a little bit of skipping in my regular exercise routine now. Great piece!