Cut your Stress!

I completely understand you are under lots, lots, lots of pressure from your busy busy days, especially this period.


…. All things have been repeated in your life including me.


I found many students got sick of the cycle and fall to the stress hole. For the serious case, they wasted the whole day because of just thinking about the stress or depression.

My parents and friends told me to get enough sleep and have some breaks. Their suggestion could be right. Only break might relieve my stress. But, time is still limited, and everyday tasks with stress are updated! How can I handle it?

So I looked for any ‘REALISTIC’ alternative needed for my situation. And now I am really happy to share some tips for dealing with stress.  I summarised just two options briefly.

1. See your present situation correctly.

Setting your present situation is very considerable. It can help re-organise your a bunch of tasks. 

Arrange what you have to do today on your note freely, and make a priority and next order from them.

Writing a list can be helpful.

This way is highly useful to remove unnecessary thing behind.

I used his technique at the very first day before starting my study (usually Monday).

This way was great to manage my time efficiently. Even I could write breaktime on my schedule sometimes later.




2. Breathing Exercise

I used to run around a park at least 3 days a week, but for last 3 weeks, it was impossible due to my studywork. So I found an easy way to relieve my stress instead of jogging.

It is very small movement, called “ breathing”.

Dr. Weil, who is a very well-known integrative medicine leader, spoke about importance of breaths efficacy on mental health.

I will show you some breathing exercises easy to follow.  These can be done now, sitting in front of the desk or standing on the street.

A.      The Stimulating Breath

1)      Close your mouth. Only your nose will be used in this exercise.

2)      Breath in and out rapidly (with same duration of inhalation and exhalation) -> This is one cycle.

3)      Try three cycles per second, and at first time don’t do it over 15 second.

4)      Increase your breaths time with 5 second until getting a minute.


B.      The 4-7-8 Exercise

1)      Close your eyes

2)      Exhale through your mouth with a whoosh sound

3)      Inhale through your nose (close your mouth) with counting four (4) in your mind.

4)      Hold the breath until a counting reach seven (7)

5)      Exhale through your mouth with a sound for a count of eight (8). -> This is one cycle.

6)      Back to the 3) again, do it three times more to make a 4 cycle. (4-7-8, 4-7-8, 4-7-8, 4-7-8)

If you are confused, see the video.


Don’t overlook small stress!

Stress is related to your physical as well as mental health. It can cause serious symptoms from headaches for a short time, to depression, anger, crying, insomnia and even heart break.

Please minimise your stress everyday before it attacks you with a huge shape.



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6 Responses to “Cut your Stress!”

  1. ajqlee says:

    Great post! real stress killer!

  2. Ina Yoon says:

    * Caroline! I tried to the first one but failed. It was hard but second one is easy to follow! >.< anyway thank your for comment!

    * Thanks, setiawan, Cheer up !!!

  3. setiawan says:

    I really needed this, with exam just around the corner. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. carolinew1 says:

    I couldn’t do the first one properly haha, my breath keeps hitching. Are you successful in doing that?

  5. Ina Yoon says:

    Thanks, bvaughan ^^ Let’s try one of those skills! >.<

  6. bvaughan says:

    Some good information around exam time! It’s amazing the effects that stress can have on us.