Under the Sea II

So, for my last post, I decided to do a part 2 to my previous under the sea post! There are just too many fascinating, creepy, scary. unbelievable sea creatures that I really like.

But before that, a new fish got added to my favourites list! I happened to come across an article about it and since I wear glasses, I  can’t help but notice anything that has the two words ‘Four eyes’ in them. Hence, I present the Four-Eyed Fish!!

Four Eyed Fishes Don’t Wear Glasses


Contrary to their name, these fish don’t ACTUALLY have four eyes. They have TWO eyes, TWO lens and….four pupils and four retinas. Which gives them the appearance of having four eyes. One of these pupils face upwards, as shown in the picture above by the ‘1’ and one points downwards, shown by the ‘2’. This 30 centimetre long fish swims at the surface of the Central and South American rivers. Unlike most fish, when this fish swims at the surface, it is actually at the surface.

Half of its eyeballs are above the surface, looking at the world above water and the other half, stares at the watery depths. Which is good at all since fish are meant to look in the water, that being their habitat and all. But why the extra view above the surface, you might ask. Now as I mentioned above, this fish is 30 cm in length. That’s about..the length of a laptop. Which makes this fish an ideal example of a good meal for overhead predators. Yum.

Obviously the fish is less than keen about that idea so sprouting an extra pair of eyes is a good thing. Except that it doesn’t, it just sprouts extra pupils within the same eyeball. When Nature insists that you cannot have more than two eyes because you aren’t a spider or an insect, it’s time to compromise.

It’s eyes are also adapted to suit its needs. The top half of the lens is thicker than the lower half to account for the different way light moves through different mediums and this provides the four eyed fish with excellent eyesight above and below water.

Opposites attract, just like a magnet.

The genus of fish does not lay eggs, they give birth to live young. They also have, direction-oriented sexual organs. Males and females either have  right or left-handed genitalia. Therefore, as you can imagine, lefties can only mate with righties making it a true case of opposites attracting. Not that they have much of a choice in the first place.

Another interesting thing about these fish is that they have a  wide range of tolerance to different water types including saltwater, freshwater and brackish water. It can also survive living outside water as long as it doesn’t dry out.

Ah, the amazing four eyed fish.

The Ugly Fishling

From what I have read, this fish is called by many names: Ghoul, Goblinfish, Sea Goblin, Spiny devilfish, Stinger, Stingfish, Devil scorpionfish etc etc. You can tell that people don’t like them much if the names are anything to go by.

Appearance-wise, I cannot help but agree. IT IS SO UGLY.


wikimedia commons

Doesn’t it look like something out of your nightmares (especially the first one) going ‘Giiiiveeee meee your sooouuulll’ in this horrendous hissing voice?

Despite it’s less than stellar appearance, I was hooked when I saw that this fish doesn’t make a habit of swimming. It makes use of two pairs of modified pectoral fins to crawl across the seabed, a relatively slow and arduous process. Now you know you’re safe because if this fish ever appears in your nightmares, it’ll never catch you.

Along the dorsal fin, it has a series of spines that are highly venomous. It’s venom contains a hemotoxin, a neurotoxin and a cardiotoxin to name a few. Blood damage, brain damage and heart damage. Ouch. Apparently it is extremely painful and potentially fatal. I don’t doubt it one bit.

However strangely enough, the fish doesn’t really use those spines. If they are approached, they will spread their pectoral and caudal fins which are brilliantly coloured as a warning to stay away. Most creatures will (I assume) wisely stay away.


wikimedia commons

Voted Ugliest Fish



This looks like a drawing of an old man with a big nose which I’ve seen somewhere before. I don’t particularly like this fish, but there’s just something about it that makes you unable to look away…

The weird creature up there is a blobfish. A very apt name. But what you’re seeing is what happens to the poor fish once it gets fished out of water, plopped onto a counter and left to collapse under its own body weight. It does not have a swim bladder but instead has gelatinous flesh which has a slightly lower density than water, which allows it to float just above the seabed without needing to swim. Now under the normal water pressure that can support that jelly body, it looks like a proper fish. But, take it out of that, and you have a large nosed grumpy bald man.

Here is a picture of how it looks when it’s happy in its natural habitat



And when it’s not



They sure look unhappy to be taken away from their homes don’t they?

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    Interesting post. Wow u sure are right when you say they look unhappy away from home, describes how I feel right now.