Invisible trap

In a dangerous neighborhood in London a huge robbery problem was growing fast. How could the police manage to get all the criminals? Science once again interferes and it is the criminals that should be aware with new technologies. All houses have now this announcement: “Thieves beware ” and even with that one of them was caught in the act. 28 year old men tried to rob a car and were sprayed with the paint. This paint is odor free and the main point is that in normal light it cannot be seen.

When ultraviolet light is turned on thieves that had the spray on start to glow. The new science technology  takes 2 months to go away and it does not come off with water or just rubbing it. Each paint has its own characteristic which allows the police to link the paint with the crime that was placed with.

This paint was created by a former police officer and his brother in a company in Telford, interior of England. The chemical composition is confidential and uses 24 ingredients, but only 9 are used in each tube. The paint is used like a fingerprint but it is more useful, when wet the thieve can spread it all over the crime scene.

Several England police offices already have this ultraviolet light installed in the interrogation rooms and all police officers already carry with them an ultraviolet flashlight. Robber’s clothes are sent to analysis in the lab to make sure which are the components present in the paint and this identity can lead to the specific crime scene.

Traps are installed in homes or cars in the streets and are changed frequently so that the robbers won`t suspect. In cars, for example, police officers leave cellphones or computers in the front bench to gain robbers attention. When the thieve goes in, he is photographed by a hidden camera and takes the invisible paint shower at the same time. The notebook works like a rat-trap, it is connected to the paint tube and when is moved drives the paint spray on.

The robberies in these neighborhoods are now 80% declining which is a huge decline. Other value objects are now being marked with the invisible paint and kits with it are being distributed to the dwellers. If a marked phone is stolen it can be recovered by its owner since the “paint fingerprint” is unique.

It is sad that this new technology is still only being used in some places and its ingredients and formula are not known by everyone. New science techniques can improve the wellbeing of neighborhoods and can also be useful to reduce violence and crimes like this.

This is the picture of one of the thieves caught in the act. He tried to claim himself not guilty but it was worthless.