Laughing all the way to the doctor’s office.

So everyone loves a good laugh. Especially me! Now that exam period is around the corner, I find myself trying to keep my morale high and not to stress too much on all the content I need to study over the semester. One show I turn to is Whose Line is It Anyway? Surely you have heard of it? Oh it’s brilliant! Witty comedians plays games that are completely improvised which surely bring you a sore jaw from laughing way too much.

Anyway, so during times of stress our body can start to shut down and this is obviously not healthy. I’m sure you have all heard the term, “Laughter is the best medicine!” But is this really true? Does laughing improve our immune system?

Testing if laughter is the best medicine- Larson
Testing if laughter is the best medicine- Larson


Apparently it does! When we laugh our muscles in our body including the face begin to stretch, the pulse and blood pressure increases and our breathing becomes faster which delivers much more oxygen into our tissues.  This is basically like a mini workout! That also mean the burning of calories, where approximately 15 minutes of laughing can up to 50 of them!

So here are some of the ways laughing effects our body:

  • Laughing helps the blood flow: A study conducted by the University of Maryland had two groups of people shown different shows. One group was exposed to comedies while the other watched dramas. The group which had watched the comedies had blood vessels which were able to expand and contract much easily compared to the group that watched the drama shows.
  • Our immune system gets a boost! When we are stressed our immune system response is decreased. There has been some papers to suggest that humour can increase antibodies which fight infections in the body.
  • It helps us sleep better and relax. Norman Cousin who had ankylosing spondylitis which caused him a great deal of pain. He said he would feel better after watching comedies. The pain would subsidize and give him much needed sleep.
  • It helps maintaining of blood sugar levels. A study which consisted of diabetic patients were first in a boring lecture and the following day they watched a comedy.  Their blood sugar levels were lower after the comedy.

So laugh as much as you can! It’s free! Now excuse me, I have some Whose Line Is It Anyway waiting for me!


Colin and Ryan
Colin and Ryan


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