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In a world where be fitness is the new trend, those who are not big fans of gym can feel lost. So, what are the options?

Dance may be a good option to exercise yourself and avoid all the boredom involved in one hour of workout inside the gym. It is a tool which provides physical and mental well being, and it practice can also be used as a social skill. Sometimes go to the gym can have an opposite effect than it should have on people. Because usually it is seen as an obligation, those who do not enjoy the activities provided may find themselves under pressure and in an uncomfortable zone.

There is no reason to do something stressful in order to have a healthy life. Therefore, the alternative ways to keep your body moving are increasing and becoming popular, and dance is one of these ways. The use of any kind of dance as an exercise may be effective to improve the performance of your heart and prevent the development of some diseases, increase muscular strength and endurance, reduce stress and improve mental functioning.

Either for people who suffer from some heart disease or just as a prevention, exercises are something indispensable in everyday life. It has been proven that daily exercise in moderate amounts can reduce blood pressure and heart stress, increase the good cholesterol and prevent blood clots, which can cause a heart attack and stroke. Even though exercise yourself is crucial, it does not need to be hard. The combination of fun and workout found on dance is a good option to enjoy all the profits of exercise, keeping it easy and light.

Furthermore, it is probably easy to understand how dance can improve muscles strength and endurance. During some dance movements, such as jump, your muscles are forced to resist against your own body weight. These type of movements require an incredible strength from leg muscles. In addition, dance may be also helpful to improve endurance. After a while dancing regularly, you will be able to maintain pace of exercise for a long time, without get breathless and uncomfortably tired.

It is already known that exercise increases the level of brain chemicals that incites cells growth, and therefore it is essential for a healthy life. As an additional benefit to this, dance increase memory skills, because it requires an extra effort to memorise sequences and steps. Recent research has proved that patients with Alzheimer’s disease might be able to remember some lost memories, once they start to dance songs that the used to hear. Moreover, a study published in 2003 at the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that ballroom dancing at least two times a week could make people less susceptible to develop dementia.

Most of the benefits provided by dance can be achieved doing other exercises. However, the well being provided by dance in a social context is not that easy to get. Dance is a fun way to make new friends and improve your self-confidence. Dancing you will feel more connected to your body and free to express yourself. It is also a good way to practice your group work skills, once it is mostly a group activity.

In the end, it does not matter if you decide to enrol in the nearest dance school or separate one day in the weekend for dancing in a nightclub. The important thing is to keep your body moving.


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2 Responses to “I like to move it”

  1. dloudon says:

    I go to No Lights No Lycra. It feels amazing to just move your body without judgement. Good to know there’s science in there as well.

  2. lchisenga says:

    I love to dance! Thanks for this post Nayara, I’m always trying to find fun and interesting ways of keeping my fitness on track and dance in my case Zumba and my traditional dances definitely top my list. I also found it interesting that resarch is indicating ballroom dancing can slow down the chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s as one gets older.