Can we change our eye color permanently?

We as humans seek more from what we get from the nature. Humans do push their limits to see and achieve something new that they have always craved for. In the world of cosmetic surgery eye color plays an important role. In any bodies eye, iris determines the eye color. The two pigments which are responsible for the determination of the iris color are melanin and lipofuscin. When a person is devoid of any pigment usually their eye color appears to be their color of flowing blood. When we look at the world map eye color differs in per where you are from. Iris helps you to see optimally by controlling the amount of light that must enter the eye. If some has no or defective iris is due to the result of disease or injury. In nations like USA the procedure is not approved by FDA (Food and Drug administration) but on the other hand, nations like Mexico the procedure is quite legal and if you have $8000 you can easily get it done.

California based Ophthalmologist Dr Gregg Homer have invented a procedure that last for 20 seconds, color change takes place in the time of two weeks. He says that “there is a blue eye underneath every brow eye”. Different range of laser frequencies are used on the colored portion of the iris to the exposed pigments to get the blue color.

Whereas other procedures like artificial iris implants are done to give that vibrant colorful look. These implants are made up of non-toxic inert substance which are biocompatible. For the implant, no suture is required. The medical application of this

procedure is treating patients having albinism, treating patients with ruptured iris following trauma, congenital absence of iris, severe iris degeneration and cosmetic look. There are few researches which shows good results on patients who are devoid of iris.



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Is it safe to change eye color?

There are few testimonials of real people who suffered from the procedures. There are incidences where the pupils have stop dilating resulting in blurry vision as the pupil helps in focusing of images. The secondary complication to the artificial eye implant is quite sight-threatening complication which might appear, years after you had your surgery. The complication which may arise due to this procedure are damaged front part of the eye (cornea), inflammation inside the eye (uveitis), cataract etc. As per guidelines from American Academy of Ophthalmology the safest way to change color is to wear colored contact lenses.

Nature has given us a wonderful body and parameter of beauty is very relative to individual, so you should think before you act primarily taking any decision like changing your eye color permanently for cosmetic reasons.

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  1. Soumya Mukherjee says:

    Thats true .. My point of this blog was to convey the same message. Thanks

  2. Melissa Yoon says:

    Good article, I think it’s a bit creepy that you can change your eye colour with surgery, I would rather just use contacts instead