Music, Nature, and Universe

What makes our life so lively? The sound from our environment! We want it or not, we always hear about sound – any sound – in our life. When we bored we tend to listen to music when we happy we laugh and make a sound that expresses our happiness when we feel sad we cry and that also makes the sound too. We never escape from music and music already became part in our life! Again, music in here is not only about a well structure sound like when we listened to some song or performance in a concert hall, but every sound which nature produced (even though sometimes it is unstructured). Let’s have a look the nature around us and hear it.

Water & the Wind

Waves in the sea – Image by Francesco La Barbera from flickr

When we walk to the beach we always heard the sound from the wave and probably birds around. Without realizing it, sometimes we take it for granted and enjoy the visual appearances from the sea itself. I think it’s normal because that is the things which kept our interest. Some people said, visual always come first before hearing and that is true. But have you ever realized the calm sound of the waves? Indeed, it seems like there’s no harmony at all but that’s the “water” music from our nature. Somehow, for some reason, it makes us calm when we heard it sound. And this waves sound comes with the help from the wind too! Even there’s a huge sea and wind organ which produce a great sound in Croatia. Of course, it’s not limited to the waves sound on the sea it also applies to the river, waterfall, or even the water drops. Even the rain sound can make us feels calm (personal experiences). Again, not only limited to these sounds, we can imagine when we walk across the river stream we can enjoy the river sound and even we can hear the waterfall sound which makes us calm. It sounds weird, isn’t it? But this is the fact, we can still feel so comfortable and calm when we hear that sound. Just try to open your Spotify or YouTube, look for a nature music and there’s some music that shows a water sound from river or sea!


Singing panda – Image by somesai from flickr

I think it’s clear about the music or sound from animals. The most common sound which we found from animals is bird’s chirping. There are so many species of birds in this world and each species have their own characteristic of sound! Try to look or listen carefully from the bird’s sound around you. You can hear the bird sing and make a harmony, this is the music that they make! It looks like they compose a natural music and act as the musician too, they’re like an artist by nature! Not only bird, we can find this thing in dolphin or blue whale too. Their way to communicate makes a harmony and also make us feel relax too. From this evidence, we can say if animal’s (not literally every animal) way to communicate create a beautiful harmony which we called as music. It’s weird probably for some of us to know if the animal can make their own music like us, human. We probably assume it as music, such as bird’s chirping, but for them probably it’s their way to communicate with each other and but for us, we assume it as beautiful sound known as music. Even few bio-musicologist argue the bird’s chirping came before Mozart’s music.


The Planet – image by nara silva from flickr

Probably we never imagine about our universe especially every planet in our solar system. NASA discovered this and made a music album from the sound of each planet. But how come? We knew if there is no sound in space, but how this thing happened? The sound came from the radio waves emitted from the planet’s moon or satellite, electromagnetic vibrations, and their planet ring too. Even in the outer space there, the music still exists (even though we cannot listen to it with bare ears because of the frequency). But it proves to us if we cannot escape or live without music! It available anywhere!

All nature sounds and universe, create a beautiful harmony and they seem to perform their own concert, like some musician who performs in the concert hall. Imagine the world without this beautiful natural harmony, probably the world won’t be same as now and feels so plain. But, thankfully we have all this natural sound which make our world even better as a place to live!

6 Responses to “Music, Nature, and Universe”

  1. Murraya Lane says:

    An interesting read! I forget sometimes the abundance of sounds we are exposed to and how unique they are! I dont think I’ve ever been exposed to complete silence! Who would have thought music could be made by planets!!

  2. Michelle Quach says:

    Hey Tjioe – I was really excited when mentioned the sea organ in Zadar, Croatia! I was lucky to visit a few years ago and was really blown away by its concept and its beautiful sounds. There should be more public architecture which takes into account the visual aspect of its design as well as how it interacts with the environment to create ‘music’.

  3. Tjioe Marvin says:

    Yesss it’s really interesting about what they emit outside there. Maybe we will found it but we never know when until the truth itself revealed to us 🙂

  4. Tjioe Marvin says:

    Actually, it depends on how we understand about music and in my personal opinion I can say that thing is “natural music” 🙂
    And yeah somehow for us probably it’s just a way they talk to each other and somehow it makes some people feel calm (even though not everyone)
    The NASA Deep Space sound it’s really awesome and I never imagine there’s a “music” in space.

  5. Tijoe, I have always wondered whether bird’s tweets are considered to be music. To them, I guess they are just talking, but because we do not understand it, it is linked with nature and calmness. I also get calmness in big dining hall areas (when there is a lot of chatter, but you can’t really make out what everyone is saying) – those seem to be the places where I can go to sleep easily.

    I found it cool that the other physical conditions could also make music from other planets. The NASA album sounded cool.

  6. feliciabon says:

    A very interesting look at how music is all around us! It was especially interesting to learn of how planets can give off radio waves, maybe the next sounds we hear from space will be from extraterrestrial life…