Why do We Sweat?

Today’s post is a bit different. I’m a big believer that science should be communicated visually – so I recruited help from my friend, Aaralyn Lim. She is studying Commerce at UniMelb and also has a passion for communicating science. Difference is, she can illustrate much better than I can. So why not work together?





Dare to Know More?
The amazing runner photo on slide 1 was drawn by Ryan Inzana at GQ.com. Everything else was illustrated by Aaralyn.
BBC’s GCSE Bitesize was my lifesaver when I was studying in high school. They have an excellent piece on temperature control and what happens to our body.

One of the aim of my blogs is to inspire curiosity. We are all naturally curious – in fact all of these posts are questions that my friends have asked to explain. This post is for Shi Xian, who wondered why she was sweating after running to catch the tram. If you have any questions, comment below!

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7 Responses to “Why do We Sweat?”

  1. Kai Yee, Chan says:

    I love the visuals! Great work!

  2. Thank you Murraya! Aaralyn did the visuals and I am so grateful for her help.

  3. Murraya Lane says:

    Such a cool and creative way to do a blog post! really enjoyed reading and the visuals were great as well! awesome work!

  4. Thank you. That was the dilemma I was going through – visuals or words? I will try to make 2 versions of it next time!

  5. It’s all Aaralyn! Would not have done this without her generous help!

  6. lohj3 says:

    I like the pictures. They are really engaging =-)

  7. Maddy King says:

    This is a very effective way of communicating your topic. The pictures are engaging and look, great props to your friend. Just think there could be a little bit more information for us readers to sink our teeth into. But well done 🙂