No joking, A robotic comedian is coming !

When we talk about robot, what the first idea comes to your brain? Artificial intelligent? Robots will replace human beings even occupy earth? OK, I just watch second scenario in Hollywood blockbuster. Actually, we always regard them as tools or machines to finish dangerous job or complicated task. For example, Military army uses robots to install bombs or doctors employ high-precision robot to do brain surgery.  We may never image a cold robot can dance, sing, talk and play drama for social communication and entertainment.

Data: The first stand-up-comedy bot

Data’s first show in Ted

In 2010, an attractive comedy drama was played in Ted. The hero of this show is Data which is the first stand-up robotic comedian made by silica materials. Data does not look like a boring and ugly machine. It is very adorable and have human-like shape. It has two bready green lights as eyes and also have several fingers and arms as well as feet. Data is not very tall, only two-feet. It talks through a microphone on its’ side face. The most important part of Data is its’ brain. The brain is a database stored a lot of jokes.

                           Data’s first show in Ted. The image credits from Ted.

Data’s jokes

Data likes other robots can learn something from people and can also digest quickly. For this case, data can learn jokes from audiences and talk different jokes regarding to audience children versus adults. Data is not only a machine  can tell joke. It also can move its’ arm to say hello to audience and also stand up as well as shake its’ head and body. This is why we called it comedian rather than joke machine. In this talk, Data told several jokes. I think the first one is very funny. It said: “A doctor wanted to tell bad news and worse news to his patient. The bad news was the patient only have 24 hours to alive. Patient was so sad and asked how new possibly can be worse. Doctor wanted to contact patient since yesterday. After this joke, most audiences gave applause and laughed loudly.

Data’s mother : Heather Knight

When we talk about Data, we have to mention its inventor- Heather Knight .Heather is a pregnant young robotic expert. She runs a business called Marilyn Monrobot. This company aims to create social robot to play comedy in annual Robot film festival or social entertainment. Heather invented Data which is the first social robot that can have comedian performance. In my opinion, she is not only a scientist, but also an artist. Why I say that? In the Ted talk, she said she wanted to use art to create technology. Data is a perfect example to define this. Data can learn jokes from people. Similarly, people also can learn from Data. Data like a bridge to build a relationship between art and science. This is a definitely effective science communication. After watching Ted talk, I have further thinking about data.

Data’s inventor-Heather Knight. The image credits from Robert Luessen.

My new idea about Data

I guess Data can help people who has social phobia or little kids who Autism  start communication with other people. We know these people really like want to talk with people and make friends. However, because of their mental issues, they cannot talk or behave naturally. This causes misunderstanding of them from other people. If Data can be a friend to company with them and encourage them to tell jokes to strangers. Additionally, if these people are willing to learn some jokes and comedian performance from Data and then used this skill in social activities.This communicational problems can be addressed.The main reason is that Data’s jokes can break embarrassed atmosphere and also can attract other people’s attention. Finally, they may overcome anxiety and make friends easily.





4 Responses to “No joking, A robotic comedian is coming !”

  1. Ruoyu Duan says:

    I agree with you. Robots develop rapidly and they may lose control in future. However, I still think most of them are friendly and helpful.

  2. Thank you for the article. I did not know that we were using robots for jokes now, but I guess that should be easy to do, given now that we have AI with AlphaGo, Self-driving cars and more.

    Am really excited for all the opportunities that technology can bring, but we need to be vigilant and build regulations soon to control this field.

  3. Ruoyu Duan says:

    Dawei,thanks for your comment. I agree with you. AlphaGo is super smart. I am not quite sure. Does AlphaGo Zero beat the famous Chinese chess player this year? We should be little bit worried about them. I just think Data is very funny,maybe melb uni can rent it and help us release stress especially chemistry students who are focusing on research. I am joking

  4. daweiw1 says:

    Another application of machine learning? DeepMind has made another achievement recently. AlphaGo Zero can self-learning after learn the rules.