Video Explainer: Obesity – The Silent Epidemic

In my second video post, I decided to take inspiration from my Biomedicine classes and tackle a social issue that is spreading rapidly through our society. That problem is OBESITY – and it is a problem that we should be very worried about – I try to explain this from 3 perspectives.

Happy to be supported by my friends John Raj, Joyce Siu and Margaret Ho in producing this video!

3 Responses to “Video Explainer: Obesity – The Silent Epidemic”

  1. Stephanie Choo says:

    It was a great video, and yes there’s a lot more to obesity than personal choice.

  2. Hi S, I think there is so much more to obesity/addiction than just personal choices, and hopefully I will be able to explore these reasons in a future video/article. I hope the video provided an introduction of the importance of dealing with obesity as a public health problem.

  3. schoo1 says:

    A relevant message in an increasingly obese society. It’s ironic that despite being more knowledgeable about the effects of a high fat and sugar diet, we’re still addicted to them.