5G, the core technology

The core technology is something that you can’t feel it’s existence, but once it disappears, the whole world will change from top to bottom. For example, we can’t live without internet nowadays. The change of essential technology will bring revolution to the whole society.

Mobile communication is the core technology. The 4G gave birth to lots of internet companies like twitter, Instagram at the past. You could play many fun apps on your mobile phone  and visit website at high speed because of 4G. 5G is a hot topic these days, People pay more attention to it because they already benefit a lot from 4G technology.

What is 5G?

What is 5G?  The “G” represents for generation, so 5G is the fifth generation of mobile communication. The essential of mobile communication is the speed of internet.  Back to 1G and 2G times, it took like ten minutes to open website. Can you image using twitter and Facebook at that speed?

But at that time, it established two bases for mobile communication called cellular communication and digital communication.  These two techniques provided framework for mobile communication. You can see the” cellular mobile network” at system preferences on iPhone. It uses ways like honeycomb to cover lots of hexagon areas.  Signals are transmitted between these areas.

3G, 4G and 5G is based on them to make the speed faster. You can use mobile phones to listen to music and visit website at 3G times, watch movies and play games at 4G times, and you can do all things on mobile phone at 5G times.

What changes can 5G bring to our lives?

What changes can 5G bring to our lives? Briefly speaking, it’s the internet of everything. Everything can connect to internet so you can access everything using the internet. For example, your furniture, bus and pets will connect to internet, you can communicate with them using mobile terminal like mobile phones or smart watch.

Right now we also talk a lot about Artificial Intelligence, this technology makes computer smarter, but the internet of everything will make the whole world smarter. 5G will make this practical and bring it to our lives.


It is widely accepted that 5G will be commercially available as early as 2020. Right now this technology is being tested and self-improvement.  Internet of everything will be a lifestyle in the future.

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  1. randersen says:

    Great read, do you think the implementation of 5G will have any impact on the cost of phone data?