Your early memory may be not the true ‘memory’

What is your earliest memory? At that time, how old are you?

According to a recent investigation, there are about 40% people believing that they still can remember something which happened before they are two years old. However, many researchers of memory propose that human being is impossible to remember what happened before two years old.

Long-term memory of people can be divided into two kinds. The first kind of memory is called explicit memory. It is related to information, experience and conception. For example, what is the name of someone? What did they do? Sometimes these can be recalled clearly. The other kind of memory is called implicit memory. It stays at unconscious state. For example, it would be hard for you to descript how to tie the shoe or ride a bicycle, but while you are wearing the shoes, you know how to tie it, and while you are sitting on the bike, you know how to ride it.

Obviously, we can keep the implicit memory of childhood, because we still do not forget how to walk and how to speak. However, most explicit memory relates to our infant time will be lost. This because the explicit memory is related to an important area of our brain. It is called hippocampus. If the hippocampus is damaged, though it doesn’t cause any effect on your implicit memory, most of your explicit memory will be lost. Although a patient whose hippocampus is damaged can ride a bicycle, he is unable to talk about what they have experienced.

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There are a large number of neurons growing in infancy, because infants need these new cells to load new memory in order to learn something new. However, during the growth of a large number of nerve cells, old nerve cells are pushed the other side. Some early groups of nerve cells will shed so that the memory of this part will be damaged. Therefore, we are less likely to have the memory of our early young infant ages. Most memory are lost with the lose of early shedding nerve cells.

In addition, according to the research of psychologists, two-month-old infants can only keep their memory for only 24 hours. Only until growing up to 18 months old, they can remember an event for a time for 13 weeks which is longer. Moreover, the hippocampus will become to be mature until 20 or 24 months old. Because of the special process of the growth of the hippocampus, we are impossible to be able to remember what happened before 2 years old.

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Those memories before two years old that you believe are not the real memory. Those are ‘false memory’ which are come from the story that someone told us. For example, if your father always talks about the story that a dog came over to lick your face while he is pushing your baby carriage, you may start to ‘remember’ it. Or maybe you make this story by yourself just because you really love dogs. By the way, if those memories are sweet like that, I don’t think we have to care about the reality of it.

4 Responses to “Your early memory may be not the true ‘memory’”

  1. Marissa Nalenan says:

    It was a pleasure reading through your piece, Jianchao. I wish I could remember what I did when I was two-month old. It must a sweet memory 🙂

  2. jianchaol says:

    I hope there are some video records when I was a child. I am really want to know something interesting I did at that time.

  3. Stephen Yao says:

    Hi Jianchao, that’s a really engaging post. I think it is called childhood amnesia in psychology.
    It’s keen to know what was happened to our brain when we were young.

  4. Vebronia Solo says:

    Thanks for this blog, Jacob. Your information answer the same question that I often have.