Women, Their Makeup, and The Power of Being Beauty

Ladies, does any of you feel OK without makeup? If so, don’t you use skin care or body lotion? I guess, you should apply one of them to keep your skin healthy. Also, you must feel incomplete when leaving home without wash your face or brush your hair.

Briefly, women must need cosmetics to improve their appearance. Some of them can be addicted to makeup. Others might only think that they need to dress up well or wearing nice makeup to boost their confidence. I also feel so. I have some makeup kits and make sure I used them for special occasion, like attending a party or job interview. I even wear makeup during stressful periods. The activity creates positive feeling.

Some of makeup kits. Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash


Why women need makeup?

A study shows that women need makeup for two main reasons; camouflage and seduction. The former relates to hiding negative feeling like anxious and insecure, while the latter correlates to feeling more attractive and confident. Scientists said, women’s fears drive them to wear makeup. They think people will treat them in a different way when they use makeup.

Furthermore, some USA researchers highlight that makeup rituals reflect women’s self-awareness of their outer and inner beauty, leading them to feel more confident. Women allow self-transformation when they apply cosmetics to their body. This is such a preparation that prepare them for a social interaction.

Women also touch up their make up several times during a day. They do so to adapt the movement and rhythm in their daily life. Women think they should ensure their outer and inner. This shows their appreciation to their selves. Applying makeup also shows that women open to romantic relationship. They feel more beautiful, attractive, and ready to interact with men.

Do you think the woman is beautiful? She actually has had the same thought. Photo credit: Ian Dooley, via Unsplash


The power of beauty

Another study also suggest that feeling beautiful can be more powerful. Makeup can contribute to how women build social interaction with other women as well as men. With makeup, women may feel dominant in workplace and can have chance for job promotion. Type of makeup also determine women’s characters, leading to their preference when making friends. Sometimes, makeup can create rivals, when women feel jealous to others due to sexy or bold looks of their competitors.

We can see that beautiful women can easily attract more attention in our social life. That’s why popular senior high school girls usually include those with good looking faces. Interviewees who dress up well might have more chance to get a job. Makeup also can help women to date someone special.

In other side, men can justify women’s personality based on their makeup. Every man can have different opinion in defining attractive women. Makeup looks also leads to how men treat women.


Makeup rituals have existed since ancient periods

Women have used makeup since centuries ago. Greek women, for instance, used charcoal as their eye shadow and white powder to lighten their skin. In Egypt, Cleopatra used milk for bathing to whiten her skin. Ancient Egyptians also was familiar to lipstick and other cosmetics as well. Indigenous Africans made their cosmetics from clays grounded into pastes. Meanwhile, Indigenous Australian still use some minerals for their body paints during traditional ceremonies.



Modern Makeup

Then, modern makeup must be more popular now. Cosmetic industries have grown faster. We can find many types of makeup in beauty shops. We might be tempted to try them; compact powder, eye shadow, blush on, lipsticks, mascara, body lotion, nail polish and many more. Moreover, we can’t ignore the influences of makeup advertising or suggestion from beauty bloggers.


Modern cosmetics are a huge business. Based on 2011 Household Expenditure Survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians spent about AUD 4.5 billion annually for toiletries and cosmetics. Meanwhile, in US, millennials aged 18 to 34 are the popular buyers in cosmetic markets, with total spending about USD 13 billion.

Choosing makeup that fits you can be challenging. Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash


How safe is the makeup on the market?

Makeup products consist of many chemicals. They function as emulsifier, thickener, coloring, preservative agents, fragrance and pH stabilizers in cosmetics.  The uses of chemicals for beauty products are under authorities’ control. In Australia, The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) is responsible for ensuring the safety of beauty products. They must be harmless for users an environment as well.

The cosmetics regulation is essential, given several health consequences due to the use of toxic substances. Lead, mercury and parabens are prohibited in cosmetics. Lead and other metals in lipsticks can have carcinogenic effect to human body, while parabens can cause breast cancer.


Tips for buying makeup

To ensure that we buy the right product, we should;

  • Read through makeup label and check whether it contains some dangerous or prohibited chemicals.
  • Buying products from reputable brands and shops because they must pass safety test in advance.
  • Consult to expert to know your skin type and choose makeup suits yours.
  • Remove your makeup before going to sleep.


Next, the important thing is using makeup properly. You need make up to look more beautiful and boost your confidence. Nonetheless, don’t put too much cosmetics to create a totally new version of you. Let’s makeup be a complement of your inner beauty.

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