How smelly are you?

How smelly are you? Photo Credit : Sketchport Zakeena 2014. Licensed under CC-BY.

“I wonder what Johnny Depp really smells like,” I wondered out-loud as me and my sister stared at an advertisement for Depp’s new fragrance ‘SAUVAGE’. In front of us, Depp wore all black in a desert and looked into the distance. Hair perfectly mussed, he rolled up his sleeves to show off tattooed arms and fingers decked in chunky silver rings.

Unfortunately, someone had scratched out the ‘V’ and replaced it with an ‘S’ on the bus stop window, so Depp was posing fiercely next to the words “SAUSAGE – A new fragrance by Dior.”

We sat in silence for a while, staring at the meter-high image.

“Probably smells woody with a hint of charcoal,” my sister joked.

Now, I’m not a perfume wearer, but later that day, when I passed a ‘SAUVAGE’ display at Myer, I was curious enough to give the Eau de Johnny a sniff and was pleasantly greeted with some masculine zesty pepperiness.

‘One spray… and your problems go away’