Why do we love food?

The first answer that comes into my mind is “we need it for survival” but is this everything? Food offers a variety of source that we need in our daily lives such as carbohydrates, vitamise, proteins as well as fats. These enable our bodies to perform tasks we have to face regularly at work, school or in our leisure. Aside from survival, some people choose their food based on an individual taste such as sweetness, sour, bitter, spiciness, or just because it is yummy. Eating fruits might be more joyful because they are sweet, juicy and healthy and similar is with vegetables, whereas others like to enjoy something meatier.

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Why is it like that?

I assume there are several reasons why people have particular preferences over the other. I also believe that the way we are raised, when we were born, or whether we have a faith plays a big part in our food choices. Being raised in a rural region might affect our foods choices probably more compared to people living in bigger cities. People from these regions may rely more on the food they have access to, which might be cows, goats, or poultry and some vegetables based on the area.


For these people, processing of the food and eating as much as they can is crucial, and it reduces to waste food. On the other hand, in the new world or the bigger cities, we do not have the same experience and buy whatever we feel like. Does it mean we are experience and respect food in a very different manner? I am not sure how to answer this question, but I would say yes, we are. This leads nicely into the next point I mentioned earlier when people have been born.


Being born in the 20th century has probably a lot of benefits compared to the past in particularly in the food industry. Nowadays, we may buy everything that we want in the supermarkets without to think about where the food comes from. Does it mean that our society does not care about food production? I don’t think so because we do have a variety of people, e.g. vegetarian, vegan and not to forget the meat lover and all of them have a good reason for their food selection. It does not make one person better or worse than the other, but perhaps we may learn a lot from each other instead of pointing to each other.

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Where do you see yourself? Have you ever thought about why you choose a particular food that you eat?

This is a difficult question, and to be honest, I could not answer without taking a moment to think about. What I know is that I like food, and this includes vegetables, fruits and meat. I try to have a balanced diet, and I am happy to pay a bit more when I know where the food is coming from and that it is treated with respect. What about you?

7 Responses to “Why do we love food?”

  1. liuyup says:

    Such an attractive title and topic ! As a chowhound I really wanna know why I always want to eat snacks ! From this article,I get some deeper thinking about that !

  2. yufeizhang says:

    This topic is very attracting. We eat food everyday, but we don’t know why we love them. When I was an undergraduate student, dumpling is my favorite food. I really hope to know why I love dumpling so much . However, as you say, it is really hard to know why we love food.

  3. Thomas Hueneburg says:

    Thanks for your feedback. I am very pleased you enjoyed reading my first blog. I will consider what you are saying for my next blog.

  4. liyawang says:

    Good storytelling skills. You are actively communicating and exchanging your ideas throughout, and encouraging me to actually think about the questions being raised. I did enjoy reading it without even making the tiniest effort to stay focused. Another thing I really liked is that you dived straight into the topic without dwelling too much on background information, which can easily bore me to death when the intro part seems to go on forever. One suggestion from me is that a bit more science regarding food selection would’ve better educated me and helped me make decisions on choosing my meal ingredients. But you got the talent when it comes to audience engagement already. Just some tailoring on the content will make the blog great.

  5. Minh Anh Nguyen says:

    I enjoy the way you engaged into the article as it make me feels like in a conversation. However, parts of your blog have a bit too much of “listing category”, as it was quite overwhelming to follow. At the end, it is a interesting story for just a simple topic that we might neglect.

  6. chiengr says:

    I am guilty of saying “for my survival” whenever I eat but really it’s for the taste! This article got me thinking a lot but thought could be improved by going through the science of why we crave food, a reason why I clicked on the article’s headline.

  7. Heinrich Botha says:

    The idea for the article is a good one. But I found myself getting a bit lost because I couldn’t find a clear train of thought or story you were trying to tell. I feel like I didn’t walk away with a good answer for “why do we love food?” I think possibly the point you’re trying to make is that in the developed world we are disconnected from where our food comes from. And the second being that we don’t fully understand the factors are that made us eat a certain way, so we shouldn’t judge others who eat differently (eg. Vegan, pescatarian or meat-based). We should instead listen to others and try to understand where they are coming from with their eating behaviour. Which is something worth writing about. However, I felt like you never really made a clear point or gave us a ‘take home message’. I also found the article a bit lacking in science. It felt more like a blog sharing some thoughts and opinions without a scientific angle. But I thought it was structured well, the pictures were a nice touch and I did walk away asking myself “how much of the way I eat is influenced by my upbringing and the culture around me? Am I making my own choices or just following programming?” Which provided for an interesting little journey in my mind.