Sleep is a serious matter

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Disadvantages of poor sleep

Hard to understand and memorize knowledge
Researchers at New York University found that when mouse are sleeping, there are much more connections between their neurons. The researchers also found that during sleeping, brains are still dealing with information. It means sleeping can help brains learn more.

Hard to learn and solve problem 
Our brains actively respond to our surrounding environments during the day, but our brains need one recovery period during sleep. If our brains can’t enjoy this period, our brains’ plasticity will decrease, which means that it is hard for our brain to learn new knowledge and deal with problems.

Shortened attention and often make mistakes 
Lacking of sleep will make people hard to focus on study or work. Besides, it will also increase the chances of making mistakes. What’s more, it will be difficult for people to find or correct their mistakes after they make something wrong.

Lack of motivation, terrible mood adjustment and Increase the risk of frustration
Because of lacking sleep, people will feel sleepy and don’t have enough power to do tasks. The biological rhythm of human body will also be interfered by insufficient sleep, which may cause endocrine disorders. And endocrine disorders can affect people’s emotions deeply. Many people will have such an experience, when they don’t have a good sleep, bad emotions, such as depression, anxiety and nervousness come to them soon.

Bad adaptability
If our brain don’t enjoy a sufficient sleep, it will reduce the ability to determine what is important. It is hard for brains to make precise judgement and difficult for them quickly to respond and adapt to surrounding environments.

Increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cardiovascular:
Irregular sleep cycles or sleep deprivation can lead to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, increasing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cardiovascular.

Become fat 
When people just sleep less than 5 hours, people’s body will consume most of percent of calories from carbohydrates and protein, more than from fat. People will lose much more muscle and store more fat in their body. Thus, it will make people become fat.

Decrease immune system
People’s immune system will be disrupted by prolonged lack of sleep. It makes people easier to catch cold. So when you often catch cold, you should consider whether your sleep is good.


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How to get a good sleep?

Don’t drink caffeine before sleep
You should make a limitation on using caffeine. You shouldn’t take caffeine every day at night.

Don’t drink much alcohol before sleep
You should drink alcohol with moderation, or set an “alcohol time limit” so that your body has enough time to re-adjust before going to bed.

Avoid eating too much or too late at night
After eating too much or too late at night, it will cost lots of energy of people’s body to digest food. Thus, it will be hard for people’s body to get a state of deep sleep.

Exercise regularly
Jogging is a good choice.

Plan at least seven hours of sleep
Even though some people can’t be able to reach this target immediately, they can try to get up to their bed as soon as possible. Gradually, they can reach this target.

Sleep and get up at regular intervals, even on weekends.
It can help people maintain the rhythm of the physiological clock in the body.

Turn off all electronic devices and dim the bedroom lights
The blue light released by the screen can hinder the secretion of melatonin, which affects deep sleep.

4 Responses to “Sleep is a serious matter”

  1. yufeizhang says:

    I hope that from now on, you can enjoy your sleep every night!

  2. yufeizhang says:

    Yeah, I really hope that more students could learn how important sleep is. Nowadays, people’s lifestyle had changed so much, and people spend lesser time on sleep. I’m so afraid of this situation!

  3. Kye Kudo says:

    I definitely agree with you here. Sleep is very important.
    People try to stay healthy by taking a strict diet, exercising, etc. but often miss the most important thing – SLEEP.

    There is a reason why mother nature makes all animals have some type of sleep. Even if though we still fully don’t understand what occurs during sleep, nor why we do it, the health benefits associated are massive.

  4. ipermatasar says:

    A good reminder, just having sleepless days recently and it’s just contribute to more desperation.