Electro Culture – The Boost of Plant Growth with Electricity

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Electricity is everywhere you look, and you don’t. It is in your body cruising through your brain. Without electricity, you would not be able to read this blog right now. Recent years, electrification has become the key step to reducing carbon footprint. The power of electricity has been used to replace the traditional petrol fuel power vehicle, stove and fertiliser.


Electricity Replacing Fertiliser?


China, the country with the largest population in the world, has the highest demands of food. However, the calls of high food production mean more resources are required such as fertiliser, water, nutrients and pesticides. Does it?


Recently, a group of researcher from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) has made a shocking food production discovery. To produce a larger amount of food without much burden on finite resources. How does that possible?


Electricity is the answer.


The researchers from CAAS found that electricity boosted the yield of vegetable crops by 20 – 30% and this results are based on 20% reduction in fertiliser used and 70 – 100% reduction in pesticide consumption.


The History of Electro Culture


China is not the first country that discovers the electro culture. In fact, China is 200 years late in this game.


Ever since 1746, a Scotland scientist Dr. Maimbray electrified two myrtles, and he noticed the rapid growth of new branches in October which is something that had never happened before.


In 1902, a physics Professor Selim Lemstrom realised that the trees under the aurora borealis grew faster than the same trees under a warmer climate. However, most of the earlier electro culture experiments were fail as the experimental condition was varied from place to another. Any variation in the wide range of the natural elements could lead to very different output



How Electricity Boost Plant Growth?


The setup of the electro culture is simple, with high voltage copper wires hanging three-metre above the plant. Electro culture stimulates plant growth with three major mechanisms:


  • The introduction of high-voltage kills all the virus-transmitting diseases and bacteria both in the soil and air.
  • The high-voltage wire suppresses the surface tension of water droplets on the plant leaves and accelerates the evaporation.
  • The introduction of electricity accelerates the transportation of some naturally charged particles such as calcium ions and bicarbonates, which boost the metabolism process of the plant.


“It does absolutely no harm to the plants or to those peoples standing nearby.” Said Prof. Liu Binjiang, agriculture scientist from CAAS and the leader in this project. Electro culture only consumes a small amount of electricity with15 kilowatt-hours per day for one hectare, which is about half of the electricity usage of an Australian family.



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  1. yuxuanl7 says:

    Yes! You could use it for your Woolworth mini-farm as well. Lol.

  2. Daniel Fry says:

    I didn’t expect that electricity could be used in this way. It’s such a cool new way to grow more food! I do wonder how it effects growth of weeds though

  3. yuzongc says:

    This blog gives a good idea on how to reduce the starvation and feed the future population. Our current agriculture system cannot meet the requirement of population growth. We may get more food if we can use electricity to accelerate the growth of the crops.