The Power of Intention

An intention that you have in your mind may seem to be just a thought, but it may be more powerful than you think. Some scientists in recent times have investigated how a simple intention can have a physical effect in the material world.

Image by Heather West, via Flickr cc

According to research by Japanese scientist Dr. Marasu Emoto – whose findings are beautifully documented in his book ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ –  the power of words and vibrations can impact the molecular composition of water. In his experiments, Dr. Emoto took samples of water from various sources such as lake water, tap water and polluted water and treated each water sample by exposing it to specific words, music and even prayer. For example, if the intention was ‘gratitude’, he put the word on paper facing the water and subsequently froze the water sample. He then extracted a water crystal from the ice and photographed it.

The results published in his book and website are mind boggling. In samples of water that had been treated with a negative word or phrase, the water crystals were deformed. Whereas crystals extracted after being “shown” a positive word like love and gratitude, were beautifully constructed. Furthermore,  in samples taken from polluted water and treated with prayer and intention, the crystalline structure magically transformed from nothingness into a perfectly formed geometric crystal.

In each water sample, there were between 50-100 water crystals observed, and only one was chosen as a representative from all of them. These are the images that have been published in Dr. Emoto’s books. A double-blinded study was conducted in California to assess aesthetic appeal of the crystals in each of the treated and control samples. The crystals were assessed by 100 independent judges and the crystals from treated water were given higher scores.

Dr. Emoto believed that since our bodies are made up of mostly water, then the significance of his results could be profound. Could thoughts, words and sounds be affecting the quality of water in our own bodies? He states that words are vibrations and each word carries with it a matching vibration which in turn can affect the physical world.

Clear water, 2017

However not everyone thinks these results are accurate. Professor emeritus William Tiller from Stanford University says that the crystals structure can be influenced by the cooling rate of the water, and in Dr. Emoto’s experiments, this was not controlled for or measured. Professor Tiller states this would be a “necessary requirement to be fulfilled if one wanted to prove that it was the new factor of specific human intention that was causative”.

Masaru Emoto passed away in 2014, but there are many who are building on his research, including some of the worlds top water scientists like Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington and Nobel prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier.

Could this be a new, emerging area of science, or just hocus pocus nonsense? If the water is responding to certain intentions that it is being shown, then it would seem that the water itself is aware of what is being shown. It may sound like wacky science-fiction, but as technology improves, we may have new ways of seeing how water can be affected by words and sounds.