Lesbian Lizards


By Savvas Santoreneos

Us humans require sexual reproduction to make babies and keep extending our bloodline generation to generation. This is the most part for animals on our planet, however one outlier presents itself in elegant fashion.

How These All-Female Lizards Are Able to Reproduce and Thrive ...
Image courtesy of Thehigherlearning.com, showing a female only whiptail lizard.

This exquisite little reptile is the Whiptail lizard, and contrary to the natural breeding process, these ladies don’t need a man to procreate. In fact, this species comprises only females and they reproduce asexually.

Their eggs don’t require the fertilization process to develop into embryos but rather develop without, this process is known as parthenogenesis. The key to their conception is that within parthoneogenesis, eggs undergo a doubling of their chromosomes, so eggs can get the full package and be ready to develop into a fully functioning lizard.

Asexual reproduction is not uncommon to life on earth however it is fascinating to view and study these quoted “Lesbian lizards” that keep on cloning and keep on populating. This cloning does make genetic variability a bit of a problem as one problem in their population could be fatal, however strength in numbers and quanitity over quality is more their motive.

This independant master race of female reptiles isn’t going anywhere soon, they have an effective method of procreation that continues to fascinate scientists and people alike.

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  1. Sidney Ruthven says:

    While i enjoyed this read I found myself wanting more at the end. I liked the attached reads.

  2. Samara says:

    This post was great- really liked your use of ‘don’t need a man’. Very entertaining.

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