People with O type blood are more attractive to mosquitoes?

Have you ever had this experience? Whenever you go to the park with your friends in the summer, there will always be someone (hope is not you) who is favored by mosquitoes, and the mosquitoes seems only bit him. That’s when we often say, “It may be because your blood is sweeter” or “Are you blood type O? It is said that your blood type is more attractive to mosquitoes.”

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Why do mosquitoes only have a soft spot for someone in the vast crowd? Is it because some people’s blood is ‘sweeter’? Does this have anything to do with blood type?

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Mosquitoes love sweet blood more?

First, our human blood is not sweet. The inorganic salts in our blood give our blood a little salty taste.


Second, our fasting blood glucose concentration is only 3.6~6.1mmol/L. Even in patients with hyperglycemia, the  concentration is only about 7.0mmol/L. Such blood glucose concentration cannot be recognized by taste buds.


Third, the mosquitoes choice are mainly based on the smell of our body, the concentration of sugar in the blood cannot be smelled from outside the skin.


So ‘mosquitoes like sweeter blood’, this argument is incorrect.

People with type O blood attract more mosquitoes?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes, this is true.

A study found that in a controlled environment, mosquitoes land on people with type O blood almost twice as often as people with type A blood, which is the second preferred blood type.


Beside, the current clear understanding is that when mosquitoes find their targets, they mainly rely on carbon dioxide, heat, and some volatile chemicals.


Studies have found that the human body produces about 500 different volatile chemical substances. These substances float in the air around the human skin. Mosquitoes can find their targets based on these smells.


Five types of people are more attractive to mosquitoes

  1. Burlypeople are more likely to be stung

The carbon dioxide that people exhale is one of the important basis for mosquitoes to find their targets. This is because mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body through an organ called mandibularis, and the maximum search distance can reach 60 kilometers.

Therefore, compared to thin people, burly people may be more likely to be stung; they are also more likely to be stung when they are engaged in physical labor or breathing heavily after exercise.

Sourced from Healthline.


  1. People with high body temperature and sweating recruit mosquitoes

In addition to carbon dioxide, chemicals such as lactic acid in sweat are also important clues for mosquitoes to determine their targets. With the help of the smell of these chemicals, mosquitoes can find you smoothly.

In addition, the temperature sensing system of mosquitoes also helps them to sense warm and humid objects, so people with high body temperature are more likely to be bitten.

Sourced from Total Women’s Cycling.

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3. Wear dark clothes to attract mosquitoes

In a relatively close range, mosquitoes will find the “victim” through visual channels and smell. Because mosquitoes have a more active visual system in a dark environment, black is often more preferred by mosquitoes due to its weaker reflective effect.

Therefore, among clothing colors, black is the first choice for mosquitoes to attack, followed by blue, red, and green.

Sourced from ABC Blog.


4. People who wear makeup or hair spray are more mosquitoes

American scientists test and analyze more than 3900 substances, and found that the use of perfume, hair spray, face cream and other floral cosmetics will increase the chance of mosquito bites.

Sourced from Beardoholic.


  1. Pregnant women attract mosquitoes

Several different studies have shown that pregnant women are twice as likely to be bitten by mosquitoes than other women.

Due to the high level of sex hormone secretion in pregnant women, the metabolism is accelerated, and they will exhale 21% more carbon dioxide than others, and the abdominal temperature is about 0.7 ℃ higher.

Sourced from Medical Press.


So, if you happen to be a person with type O blood, and you don’t want to be a magnet for mosquitoes, maybe you can take bath frequently, wipe off sweat in time, and choose light-colored clothing.



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5 Responses to “People with O type blood are more attractive to mosquitoes?”

  1. XUFEI REN says:

    Thank you for liking this piece, and your question is very good! What determines our blood type is the antigen in our blood. It is a kind of protein. So the most important different chemicals in our blood is the antigen, unfortunately mosquitoes prefer the antigen of O blood. So…take precautions and good luck!:)

  2. XUFEI REN says:

    Thank you for your comment Kirsten!Next time you go to a place with a lot of mosquitoes, remember to take precautions in advance, and good luck!:)

  3. ashleylianne says:

    Great blog! Really interesting how you investigated something so widely known but used research to build off it effectively. I always had the impression it was all because O blood is sweeter but turns out that’s not the case at all!

  4. Canis Nugroho says:

    This was very interesting, especially being someone who has an O blood type and does get bitten by mosquitoes A LOT! This summer, I’ll remember to not wear my black and dark blue shirts 🙂

    I was just wondering if you knew what specific chemicals O-type blood has (that other blood types don’t) which makes them more prone to mosquito bites. It’s probably diving into some deeper chemistry/biology but I am curious about this…

  5. Kirsten says:

    Fascinating piece! Mosquitos are always attracted to me and I do have O type blood… I didn’t realise this might be why!