Why matcha is the new coffee.

Matcha Green Tea By Sitthipong. Via Adobe Stock

Ever regretted drinking that one cup of coffee? The one that made you feel jittery, anxious, and ended up crashing your mood instead of giving you the energy boost you needed to finish a late-night assignment?

The reason you get these side effects when drinking coffee is that the caffeine within the beverage is absorbed rapidly into your bloodstream, which ends up with an instant kick of adrenaline. The heightened blood pressure will then cause side effects like anxiety and jitteriness that can distract you. Quite contradictory, when it’s supposed to help you focus on that assignment…

Introducing matcha! A powdered Japanese green tea, that serves as a much healthier and better replacement for coffee.

Matcha is not your average green tea.

Regular green tea is usually made by heating up the leaves first and then drying them immediately after to prevent oxidation. The oxidation process helps contain the tea leaf’s valuable antioxidants and minerals inside the leaves. This is why matcha is so good. Instead of being heated and then dried, matcha is simply green tea leaves ground into a powder by a stone mill. Since the entire leaf is consumed, powder ends up containing more chlorophyll which makes it rich in antioxidants. When consumed it helps with lowering risks of certain chronic diseases.

It is coffee but way better.

Although coffee contains more caffeine than the average matcha powder, matcha is able to promote a longer-lasting effect of alertness. This is because the high levels of amino acid “L-theanine”, contained within the matcha powder allow the consumer to absorb the caffeine slowly. This not only leads to jitter-free energy but also gives the body a slow pump of energy that helps you sustain a tiring day.

The chemical compound also works wonders by helping you feel more refreshed and calm. It even prevents addiction and withdrawal effects, due to the slow release of the amino acid. Unlike a certain someone…

Additional benefits.

Matcha provides a range of perks!

It is high in antioxidants. Antioxidant, as the names state, prevents oxidation of cells within your body, it stabilizes harmful radicals, a compound that damages your cells and could even cause chronic disease. In essence, it not only helps to prevent potential chronic diseases but also induces anti-aging effects. Antioxidants can also strengthen your immune system.

A good detox drink. The high amount of chlorophyll retained during the manufacturing process is a powerful detoxifier, that can eliminate damaging chemicals and heavy metals from the body.

A drink that promotes a quick mental freshener. The large amounts of the amino acid, L-theanine, can generally make a person feel relaxed and calm, whilst keeping you fully energized.

Matcha may just be the new coffee.

The tea can be simply made by mixing the powder with water and can taste great in both hot and cold formats. Since matcha has a growing popularity worldwide, countless delicious recipes are waiting for you to try.



2 Responses to “Why matcha is the new coffee.”

  1. Maxwell Jones says:

    As an avid consumer of coffee, this article certainly peaked my interest! I always assumed matcha was a caffeine free alternative to coffee, so never considered it is a potential candidate for my morning ritual. On that note, I’d be keen to know how the caffeine levels compare to coffee and even other teas.

    In any case, I’ll be adding matcha to my shopping list this week.

  2. Megan Spralja says:

    This was a great read! I’m someone who can’t drink coffee (it gives me the shakes). I’ll have to give matcha a go! Super interesting to see it strengthens your immune system, very helpful in a pandemic world.