• Aaron Barnard

    I'm studying a Bachelor of Science at Unimelb, majoring in Biochemistry. I love computing, biochemistry (duh!), and going to music festivals :)

  1. Rubik’s Cube: Fun, frustrating, or both?

    History of the cube The Rubik’s cube is the brainchild of Ernő Rubik, a sculptor and professor of architecture from Hungary. Originally designed in 1975 as …


  2. Time to think big!

    Just how big, is big? An elephant? A blue whale? A skyscraper? The moon? The burden of guilt you’ve carried since grade 3 when you lied …


  3. Vaccinations: What are they, why do we need them, and where does the controversy come from?

    I’m sure the majority of us can remember when the time for vaccinations came around in school, and we would have to pluck up our courage …