• Glen Bain

    Born and raised in New Zealand (queue sheep fondling joke / 'say fish & chips'). Studied at a rural high school in Victoria that you almost certainly wouldn't have heard of (Kooweerup SC). Currently in my last semester of my Masters of Zoology (Science) degree, researching animal behaviour in fairy-wrens. And Science Communication is my last class ever! I'm interested in all things animals & environment, things that have wheels and go fast, rugby (of course), and a touch of politics (not enough to bore you about it, but enough to have an opinion).

  1. What do you do?

    When introducing yourself to another, the first point of call is to exchange names, easy for most of us, unless your surname is Nahasapeemapetilon. Often the …


  2. Creatures of the Deep

    I have always been interested in what lurks in the dark depths of our oceans and wish I could have been there when pioneers of deep sea …


  3. Boy monkeys are from Mars, girl monkeys are from Venus

    I thought I’d share an interesting study I read about in a magazine not long ago. I’m not typically one interested in psychology but am sure …


  4. Attenborough’s picks for his personal ark

    We all know the story of Noah and his Ark, well now Sir David Attenborough has released the VIP list (more accurately VIA) for his own ark. …


  5. Citizen Science

    – Thousands of eyes, ears & minds at your service. Have you ever had an idea that you would love to research, a question that you …


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