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  1. What I Learned about Communicating Science out In the Field

    My philosophy on Science Communication so far In order to make science more accessible, relevant, and important to the general public we must, at least initially, …


  2. (Dis)Respecting Experts! – Qualities of the ‘Great Explainer’ Part 4

    http://xkcd.com/799/ ‘“Dr. Feynman”, I asked, “Einstein was one of the greatest geniuses of physics, and certainly a lot smarter than me. He knew more physics that …


  3. Lost in Translation: Can we explain ANY scientific concept to the layperson?

    An Important Intermission So far in the blog series, I have drawn up 3 qualities that I believe made Feynman renowned as the ‘Great Explainer’. By …


  4. Scientific Integrity & Honesty – Qualities of the ‘Great Explainer’ Part 3

    Why to ‘Know Thyself’ helps us Communicate Science Effectively ‘The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person …


  5. Jargon v Real Knowledge – Qualities of the ‘Great Explainer’ Part 2

    Since my last post I was glad to learn that many more of my colleagues are now more familiar with my favourite scientist Richard Feynman, meaning …


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