• Connor McMahon

    Passionate about sharing my passion for science! Climate and Weather major at unimelb. Aspiring science communicator.

  1. What’s the go with ENSO?

    The Bureau of Meteorology recently upgraded their El Niño Watch to an El Niño Alert, meaning that there is 70%, or triple the normal likelihood of …


  2. Cloud-Making: A How-to Guide

    Ever looked up at the clouds and thought “I wish I could have one of those”, or breathed out on a cold morning and tried unsuccessfully …


  3. Can You See the Back of Your Own Head?

    Have you ever wondered what the back of your head looks like? I know, I know; you can use two mirrors, reflecting the light in such …


  4. A Bad Day to be a Dinosaur

      Incoming! ABOUT 66 million years ago, dinosaurs of many different shapes roamed the Earth. If you were a dinosaur, you’d be rather happy with your …