• Chris

    Aspiring high school teacher who majors in physics and maths, but enjoys all sciences and is fascinated by how the world fits together

  1. Hummingbirds: My word they’re Majestic

    They’re super fast balls of fluff and adorableness, and they’re fascinating to boot. The Hummingbird species’ range in length from small to smaller. Even the names …


  2. Wasps: Yeah, they can Mind Control.

    So just to get my biases out of the way, I am terrified of wasps. I will bolt from any social interaction as soon as I …


  3. Koalas: Not the smartest tool in the shed

    Sure, they’re cute and cuddly. They’re incredibly photogenic and they’re unashamedly Australian. However, Koalas seemingly aren’t very good at being animals. What do I mean by …