• ctampion

    Recovered accountant now studying effects of fire intensity on vegetation flammability as part of MSc.

  1. Corporal punishment teaches violence

    There’s a saying – “violence begets violence”. Corporal punishment may be a prime example of this, according to new research. Image: Jim Forest via Flickr   …


  2. Physical activity is good for us, so why are we going nowhere?

    Image: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via Wikimedia   Stop looking at this screen and do some exercise! No, wait. Read this first! If you’re …


  3. A Doctor Who travels through space and time. And gender.

    Image credit: BBC. Used with permission.   Who is hundreds of years old, has two hearts and travels through space and time in a blue police …


  4. Is Climate Change Supercharging Drought in Australia?

    Australia, along with much of the planet, is baking under prolonged drought and record heatwaves. Crops are failing and stock are starving as the rains stay …