• Harriet Dashnow
  1. Gattaca now

    The 1997 film “Gattaca” portrays a world in which your genes can be used to determine the date of your death. Your DNA is used to determine …


  2. Your genes, on sale now!

    That’s right! The 23andMe online store is offering you 25% off DNA testing. At US$299 a pop, genetic testing is finally accessible to even the stingiest …


  3. Plain Packs Suck: Why adolescents don’t want to smoke cigarettes in plain packaging

    You’ve probably heard all the fuss about plain packaging of cigarettes in Australia. If you haven’t, here is the deal: From December 1st, 2012, all cigarettes …


  4. Do you love like a vole?

    Do you think your genes could change the way you fall in love, the way your friendships work, even your feelings about music? And what does …


  5. The Future of Scientific Publishing

    What is the most exciting thing that can happen to a budding scientist? Two weeks ago my very first paper was published! If you happen to …


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