• Dee

    I am one of the oldest members in the class. Computers and I tolerate each other, but are not friends. I love Science in all its forms

  1. HPVs and Recumbent trikes are the best!

    Why would anyone pay more for a recumbent trike than a bike? What do all recumbent riders have all day long, over the suffering bicycle rider?   …


  2. CLINICAL TRIALS: The reality and how they are carried out.

    From asking many patients what they think of clinical trials, I have found the replies are always dependent on their experience. If the trial seemed a …


  3. You have CANCER for the first time: What is expected of you or your choices for clinical trials.

    You have CANCER for the first time: What is expected of you and your choices for clinical trials. If you ever become a Cancer patient in …


  4. Mt Etna and other Volcanos

     Mount Etna and other Volcanoes, Mount Etna during summer 2017  (Author’s photograph)  Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. You will find …