• Dave

    I'm Dave and I like little bugs... microscopic bugs that is.. the kind that can kill you. At the moment I'm researching the plasmodium that causes the deadliest form of malaria so I'll be sharing with you some interesting stories about their miniature world and that of others. On top of this I'm interested in anything and everything science so you'll see the odd random post about something that's tickled my fancy that week.

  1. Pointing Fingers at Sexuality

    Could a palm reader be trusted to predict your sexuality? According to a new study, hand proportion could be an indicator of sexual preference. However, just …


  2. Shrinking Down to Face Disease Head On

    Disease as we know it is a thing of the past! The emergence of technology resembling a science fiction novel may be responsible for turning complex …


  3. The Majestic Brumby or Feral Horse Pest?

    This winter was my first in Melbourne and as the days got shorter and the air more icy, I found myself with a bit of weekend …


  4. Human history lifts lid on microscopic Pandora’s box

    It’s flu season in Melbourne and I’m constantly being haunted with red-noses and sniffles. They’re everywhere! At uni… at work… even in my own home now …