• Emma Bland
  1. Rocket Science!

    As some of you may know, the Physics Students’ Society was awarded a National Science Week grant to run an activity called “Rocket Science” in August …


  2. Physics in the Pub – Science, Politics & the Media

    Physics in the Pub is exactly what it sounds like. We round up some interesting people and take them down to one of Melbourne’s great pubs …


  3. Operation: Synchrotron!

    Some time ago, I pointed out that although I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with particle accelerators, I am yet to make it big in this …


  4. Getting ready to go live on 3RRR!

    This morning, Bec, Esther, Nathan, Patrick, Thor and I went to visit the 3RRR studio where we will be presenting our radio show next Sunday. We …


  5. Just give it a good whack!

        Lane’s principle: “There is no problem which cannot be solved by suitable application of blunt force.”*   *The definition of suitable remains an open …


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