• Elizabeth Greenwood

    I'm an engineering student at Melbourne Uni, currently second year of my undergrad degree. I'm pretty keen on mathematics and physics and learning about how the world works. I also enjoy a little bit of photography if I've got some time (and motivation).

  1. Antiperspirants. Saving the general public from sweaty teenagers for generations.

    Known as shower-in-a-can to some, antiperspirant is often a necessity after PE at school, riding your bike home, or after footy training. From ‘sexy bouquets’ to …


  2. A Poor Man’s Diamond

    Oh the beauty. A diamond cut with brilliance, formed with clarity. Renowned for centuries as the world’s most precious gem. A girl’s best friend. A diamond …


  3. A Star on the Seas

    Lighthouses sprinkle our coastlines with beams of light to help guide ocean-goers around the bays. But there’s more to lighthouses than it seems. Shall we shine …