• Evie Kielnhofer

    I am a second year BSc student majoring in Plant Science. I am passionate about recent developments in the fields of Agriculture and GM technology and their growing potential to revolutionise global health and crop production.

  1. It Takes Two To Tango

    From majestic rusty plains dotted with sunken Mars-like craters, to gaping fissures of vivid greens and purples, one wouldn’t expect to find such psychedelic sights here …


  2. Farming the Galaxy

    Have you ever stopped to wonder what life might be like on another planet? Do you imagine a tropical oasis amidst the rocky, windswept plains of …


  3. Carbon Dioxide and the rise of ‘super forests’

    CO2. We live and breathe it. Plants absorb it and its accumulation in Earth’s atmosphere looms as one of the most prolific consequences of climate change …