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  1. Weather Lore

    It has been a big desire and actually very important thing to forecast weather conditions. Farmers, of course, need to know when they can expect more …


  2. Landscape genetics 2

    For species to be able to adapted, they need to have variety, namely genetic diversity. For example, if a kind of disease which kills at 100% …


  3. Landscape genetics

    Landscape genetics is a relatively new discipline focusing on direct assessment of the interaction between environmental factors and genetics of species populations. Predicting how communities will …


  4. Sushi

    When you eat sushi, raw fish is not as much dangerous as you might worry. Sushi was developed in Japan, where it is warm, humid and …


  5. We can fly

    Birds have evolved very unique characteristics mostly aiding flight. A wing is, of course, what makes a bird capable of flying with a surface that produces …


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