• Sila
  1. The Wonderful World of MRI

    Brain image acquired by diffusion tensor imaging. Licensed by Google creative commons. For my final blog post I though it was fitting (and about time) I …


  2. Gattaca – the greatest scientific film of all time

    In the not too distant future, a society exists in which advanced genetic engineering determines the social status of a human being. Or thats what director …


  3. Tummy Troubles

    In my part time profession as a health technician, I test patients for dietary intolerances. Unfortunately I am considered as one of the UNLUCKY ones that …


  4. Einstein a-go-go Radio Broadcast!

    RRR Radio Team! From the top left: Kamran, Marco, Cathy, Andrew, Sila, Sarah. From the bottom left: Dr Jen and Dr Shane. Yesterday was the official …


  5. Super-fertility – a justification for recurrent miscarriages

    Image licensed under Google creative commons Miscarriages are an emotionally and physically uncomfortable experience for a woman to go through. A recurrent miscarriage is defined as …


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