• Gemma Higgins

    Specialising in conservation and management of Australia's wildlife. Often found trying to befriend the possums on campus.

  1. Sea Monkeys- a nostalgic childrens toy with an amazing superpower

    I remember my sister and I receiving a packet each and being mesmerised as they grew and reproduced in the little container on top of my …


  2. What do you get when you give octopuses ecstasy?

    A Kraken Good Time Scientists at John Hopkins University (USA) have revealed the effects of ecstasy on the marine mollusc. The results (and the reason why) …


  3. “Revenge is sweet and not fattening”- Alfred Hitchcock

    We have all been slighted and have thought about revenge. For me it was the time my dad ate my entire pack of magnum ice creams. …


  4. Batmania: The bats hiding in the backyards of Melbourne

        For two brief years, 1835 to 1837, the capital of Victoria was called “Batmania”. Named after one of its founders, John Batman, Batmania is …