• Ryan Hodgman

    2nd year university Chemistry student, with an active interest in science communication, jazz music and youth volunteer organisations.

  1. Coupled Oscillators and the Tale of Huygen’s Clocks

    First, watch this video. That’s a little odd. Each of those metronomes is set to oscillate at exactly the same frequency, and they start out of …


  2. Solving the Mystery of Ball Lightning

    The human mind is prone to paranoia, exaggeration and staggering leaps of imagination when attempting to explain a newly observed phenomenon. This common tendency of ours has …


  3. Common Ground: Carbon and Corrosion

    Development of the ability to refine and use metals has ever been a defining factor of human technological advancement. As soon as we discovered the advantages …


  4. Common Ground: Flames and Electricity

    Power. It’s a word with a multitude of meanings. When using it you might be referring to a physical unit of work per unit time, a …