• Tina Hosseini
  1. Curvy women have higher IQs and produce Smarter Offspring!

    Curvier woman are said to have higher IQ’s than that of the average weighted woman..apparently this has significant implications on the intelligence of their offspring too!


  2. *Update* : Scientific Research to Support Ponytail Headaches!

    I finally found a peer reviewed research article that supports the concept of ‘ponytail headaches’ – the nasty headaches that appear when you tie up your hair!


  3. Brain Freeze – is it all in our heads?

    What is a brain freeze and can we stop it?


  4. Women making decisions with their ovaries?

    Are women capable of making their own decisions – or is it up their hormones?


  5. Tying Up Hair = Headaches!

    Can we stop the irritating headaches we get from tying up our hair?


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