• Heather Smillie

    Master of Agricultural Science Student. I love growing food, eating food, talking about food, reading about food, and doing my bit to try to improve the food system!

  1. An apple a day sent me to the doctor

    There’s a hidden ingredient in almost every meal that makes me sick. When I was about 15, I started experiencing terrible bloating and stomach pain after …


  2. Your Morning Coffee is at Risk

    A world-first global study confirms that global coffee production is at risk from climate change. If you were walking along Melbourne’s streets, you’d be forgiven for …


  3. Fritz Haber: one of the most influential scientists you’ve probably never heard of

    Fritz Haber is one of history’s most complicated scientists. His work led to vast improvements in crop yields that fed millions of people. His work also …


  4. Life without meat?

    As the large ecological hoofprint of meat production continues to grow, it might be time to ask ourselves, what will we do without meat? In the …