• Daniel Hutchinson

    Hey Everyone, I'm Daniel (or Hutchy if you'd like). I have a fascination for quirky adaptions and solutions to problems. So hopefully I'll be able to show you a few of the neat little tricks animals use to get by in a hard world.

  1. The Science of Cute (Warning: Cute Animal Pics incoming)

    I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess that you love cute animals? Awesome you’ve come to the right place. Next question, do …


  2. Winter is Coming: Time to fight Ice with Ice

    We all know the best way to fight fire is with more fire (this is actually a thing, controlled burning is an amazing defence against wildfires). …


  3. The Indestructible Gummy Bear

    Tardigrades, better known as water bears, are small gummy-bear like animals that seem to have won the game of life. These little guys can survive just …


  4. The Printer that could save your Life

    Have you ever wanted to print something with honey instead of ink? For those of you who have wanted to, I have good news. For those …


  5. Get Smart: A Genetic Approach to Conservation

    In Australia we’ve heard thousands of times about the relentless spread of cane toads. We know they pose a threat to native wildlife, but I bet …


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