• iwallace

    Hi. I'm Imogen; a Physiology major in my second year at The University of Melbourne. I'm a country kid, still trying to navigate me way through uni and living in Melbourne. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and discoveries!

  1. Why do we hiccup?

    In my third post in a series of weird human phenomenon’s we know little about, I want to explore the hiccups. It’s something we’ve all experienced, …


  2. Why do we Itch?

    Does looking at this make you itchy? Image Credit: Paka via Flickr You know that feeling? There’s an itch, but no matter how hard or how …


  3. What makes yawning contagious?

    Does this picture make you feel a bit sleepy? Image credit: Natasha Lelenco via Flickr   Yawning. It’s so common that no one really turns a …